Money For Lunch – Saving Money By Paying Attention To Proper Home Maintenance

Saving Money By Paying Attention To Proper Home Maintenance

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The balance between saving money and spending money can be a little prickly at times. But one way that you can always approach saving money is by paying attention to proper home maintenance. Preventative maintenance in particular with respect to a few key categories of home care can really save you a ton of cash in the long run.

A few of the things to look at as examples include window screens, awnings, heating and cooling appliances, and even how often you turn your lights on and off. If you go through each one of those categories, you’ll quickly see where spending a few dollars early can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Window Screens

 Take a moment to think about your window screens. Are they dirty? Do they allow rain to leak through? Do they keep weather and bugs it sealed out? If you clean and repair your window screens as often as they need it, not only will you prevent frustration, dirt, and poor aesthetics, you will also save money. The most basic view of this is that if you take care of your window screens, you won’t have to buy new ones as soon. Also, external weather damage that makes it through improperly maintained window screens can get very expensive very quickly.


 Most people don’t put a whole lot of thought into awnings. But you know how much money you can save on your heating and cooling bills if you have the right awnings to protect from sun? With the right awnings in place, you can keep individual rooms far cooler than if there were anything there, and this will prevent you from having to run your air conditioner excessively, especially during hot and humid seasons.

Heating and Cooling Appliances

 And, on the topic of heating and cooling, you can save a ton of money by maintaining your heating and cooling appliances. In other words, maintain your air conditioner and your furnace properly! There is only so much you can do as an individual homeowner with limited tools, but even having a maintenance man come through once per season and do a check can pay off huge dividends in making sure that energy isn’t wasted by some simple part of these appliances not being clean for example.

Hitting the Lights

 Finally, especially if you haven’t converted to LED lights yet, turning your lights off regularly in terms of home maintenance will always save you money. It might seem like pennies, but maintaining a good schedule with your lighting is really a big deal in the long run. And, if you have any labels that have gone bad or are operating inefficiently, that immediately costs you money as well. By paying more attention to your lighting and maintaining what is already there, you are investing in a future of financial conservatism.

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