Money For Lunch – Social Commerce Converts Readers into Shoppers

Social Commerce Converts Readers into Shoppers

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For quite some time now, electronic commerce has competed with in-store shopping.

The internet has a huge impact on both our professional and personal life.

The selling and buying of goods started innocently enough.

People would post old stuff they didn’t need to Buy and Sell groups on Facebook, and then ambitious companies took notice and learned how to exploit the social networks.

For small and bigger businesses, e-markets are now the best marketing solution.

The objective of a company goes public, reaching over thousands of potential clients at once.

Your brand gets recognition, and with a little more effort – conversion.

In order to promote content and attractive deals, marketers have established social media accounts that are widely available.

eBay, the biggest e-market, makes good use of its social media networks by proactive communication with customers.

It listens to them, offers them better prices with just a click or a Share button, and automatically drives in more clients.

For shoppers that prefer shop assistants to help them, eBay has released a Shopbot that acts like one, merging together commerce and AI.

So where to begin?

When you build a name for yourself online, you must take into consideration which social media networks work best for your company.

Having your brand message reach the right people is a breakthrough.

Around 8 in 10 adults have access to the internet, and each of them spends at least 1.8k on shopping a year.

Most social shoppers are between 35 and 44 years old.

The priority is to get as much of these people as possible on your social platforms, learning of your product or service.

Having a profile on Facebook or Instagram isn’t nearly enough anymore. The competition is also fiercely fighting for the spotlight.

You can organize contests and celebrate your company’s milestones so that shoppers can discover more about your brand.

What makes you unique in the industry is the way you facilitate your customer’s shopping experience. No one has time to aimlessly wait for a loading page or fill dozens of questionnaires when they are buying something.

If you reduce the time a customer spends searching and paying for a product, have no doubt that they will gratefully visit your e-store again.

The positive reviews in your comments section can boost your prices by 9.5%.

Many business owners aspire to succeed in the social commerce game.

They should all be aware of how powerful a tool it is if used correctly.

Investing time and effort into successful media accounts for your company is the best marketing decision you could ever make.


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