3 Keys to Keeping Great Employees

Having a revolving door when it comes to your employees can be a recipe for disaster.

While you have to expect some of them are going to leave over time, you can’t afford for it to be a non-stop exodus.

So, are you putting in place or have put in place measures to keep great employees over time?

Are You Offering Them Enough Reason to Stay?

In reviewing what you have to offer your great employees, go over the following:

  1. Working conditions – What kind of working conditions do your workers have to deal with? Given most of them likely spend at minimum 40 hours a week with you; you want to be sure the conditions are good. Coming to a job they dislike five days a week or whatever the schedule may be can lead to burnout rather fast. Do your best to have the right setting that makes them want to come and give you 110 percent each day. From the facility itself where they work out of to what is around there, the setting means a big deal. You may install industrial hvac systems in your facility to provide a comfortable workplace for your employees. You also want a setting where workers feel they have a little bit of privacy while trying to get their jobs done. Having everyone on top of one another is rarely conducive to getting things done.
  2. Financial compensation – The conditions employees work under are key. That said don’t sleep on financial compensation. That said are you paying your workers what they deserve to be paid? Even more important, is the pay accurate? As an example, assuming you have a sales team, do they get the proper commissions each time out? If not it can lead to some bad feelings and less desire to get the job done. So, it may be time to look at sales commission for software sales. The right software for your sales needs can go a long way in making for a smoother operation. When employees get the right compensation and it is not a hassle to reach that point, things tend to be smoother. The last thing you want is disgruntled employees haggling over who deserve what. As part of financial compensation, also look at the proper raises as time goes by. The cost of living never stops going up for most people. As such, you can’t expect your employees to get by if they are making today what they made five years ago.
  3. Thanking them for a job well done – Finally, your workers receive a paycheck and may well get benefits. As a result, you may feel as if this is more than enough. As it turns out, the occasional pat on the back never hurts. In letting those who deserve it know they are doing a great job, you increase the odds of keeping them. Workers like to know they are appreciated and not taken for granted by their employers.

In rewarding your employees and making sure you have the best ones, do all you can to make them stick around.

So, is it time you review how you treat your workers?


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