3 Reasons Chairs are Your Most Important Home Improvement


You have a budget and the means to seriously upgrade part of your home’s interior. It’s no surprising that seating tops the chart for many homeowners, well before new tables, hutches, lamps or end tables. A comfortable and stylish seat is what makes guests linger, where you perch when opening gifts, and what swallows you up as you curl in with a glass of wine. However, did you know chairs are also the most important (as well as the most in-demand) interior upgrade?

Of course, not all chairs are created equally, and there are some which can improve your health while others encourage poor posture. Rely on a high quality chair, such as an aluminum model from an established manufacturer, to mix style with ergonomics. There’s some truth in getting what you pay for when it comes to chairs. However, before you cut corners, remember the many reasons why chairs of quality are essential to home improvement:

  1. They can save or break your back

Ideally, you’re choosing chairs that you’ll have with you for the long haul, and maybe even heirloom pieces. According to the experts at Spine Health, practicing good ergonomics along with the help of quality chairs is paramount to your health. Go with a cheap option, and you might end up paying with your health instead of a few extra dollars in cash.

  1. They encourage socialization

Everybody wants to gather at the house that’s most comfortable. If you have to bring out the flimsy fold up chairs for every gathering or embrace your inner beatnik by sitting on the floor, you’re definitely wanting in the host department. From Oprah to Martha Beck, being a good host starts with making your guests comfortable. That’s pretty tough to do when your chairs are terrible. Plus, socializing is beneficial to your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

  1. They take up the most space

Take a look around the room and you’ll notice that seating takes up the most real estate (and with good reason). How often are you passively standing in anyone’s home? It’s a place to relax, and that means two things: Seating and bedding. Prioritize what you do most at home (hint: It’s not standing at the foyer table).

Chairs are the skeleton of your home’s interior and naturally the first thing you want to upgrade. Go with quality, keep ergonomics in mind and make sure the choice is comfortable for all guests.


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