3 Unexpected Injuries in the Workplace

All injuries that happen in the workplace are unexpected because, after all, nobody expects to come home after a day’s work with a wound, no matter what their profession is! There are, however, some that are far stranger than others in the way that they are picked up, but they’re just as easy to pick up as their more common counterparts.

Below are three of the most unexpected injuries that anybody could easily carry home with them from work.

The Impact of Falls

Whether they expect to or not, anybody could pick up an injury that was the impact of a fall at work. It could be a fall down a ditch, a trip on a loose fitting or a slip up on a wet floor that didn’t come with a warning; there are many ways to take a tumble at work. To best prepare yourself for them, you have to be mindful at all times, and watch your step.

If you were to ever fall at work for a reason that was not your fault or take a tumble in a dangerous area that you were not pre-warned about, then making an injury at work claims is something that you would simply have to do. Whether you want to land your employer in trouble or not, doing right by yourself and getting what you are owed could help you on your road to recovery, and the more help you get with that, the better. 

Pranks Gone Wrong

From time to time, everybody will indulge in a spot of horseplay while they’re at work to help get themselves through the day. Sometimes, however, such pranks can go wrong and cause the most unexpected of injuries. One such example can be found in the classic trick of pulling a chair from underneath somebody as they are about to sit down on it. It might seem like fun and games at the time, but that person crashing to the floor without expecting to do so can cause untold amounts of injury. So, think twice before you set up a prank on your coworkers, and try to be mindful of them being played on you, too.

Surprisingly Easy-to-Pick-Up Strains

It’s not just big falls and pranks gone wrong that have the potential to cause unexpected injuries in the workplace. Seemingly innocuous everyday tasks can cause easy-to-pick-up strains surprisingly, too, and these sorts of injuries hurt just as much.

You can easily pick up musculoskeletal strains, for instance, when you lift with an improper technique. There are also ergonomic injuries, such as the repetitive strain injury, as well, the likes of which you can pick up by simply sitting in an awkward position for too long. To avoid such a problem, make sure your workstation is manually adjusted to adhere to your body.

Now that you’ve seen three of the most unexpected yet easy-to-pick-up injuries found in the common workplace, you can set about avoiding them at all costs!

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