4 Reasons New Businesses Need Email Campaigns for Marketing


New businesses need to find ways to quickly gain customers. Rather than attempting to handle all of the marketing by themselves, many companies turn to professionals to help implement email marketing software, get guaranteed traffic, or even start a campaign. An email campaign is ideal for new business marketing, as it helps spread the word about the company. There are 4 reasons why every new business needs email campaigns included in their marketing techniques.

Statistical Tracking

An email campaign that is set up through a professional service will offer statistical tracking. This means that all emails sent out will be tracked appropriately, along with other important details you wish to monitor. This can include specifics of who the emails belong to, allowing you to see if your target demographics are being reached. This tracking can also monitor how many of the emails have been opened. Those who open the emails should be added to the target list for the next campaign. Horizon Email Advertising is one example of a professional option that ensures statistical tracking is completed on all campaigns.

Targets a Specific Demographic

Professionals have two options for email campaigns. The first is a general service that sends emails out to virtually everyone. There is no specific target in mind, ensuring as many people as possible have the opportunity to see the email. While this is ideal in some cases, it is not wise for businesses that want to target a specific audience. A targeted email campaign will focus on a specific demographic, such as sending the emails out to only local residents, or ensuring only females receive the message. This allows you to send out information to the parties you know will have the most interest in what you are offering, whether it is a service or products.

Shareable Images Catch Attention

Many businesses realize that they need to include shareable images in their website content and on their social media sites. What many may not know is that these images can be added to an email as well. The image can either be attached as a separate file, or it can be included directly in the email. The latter is usually the best option, as it ensures people see the image as soon as they open the email. Taking some of the well-liked photos from your blog or social media page and including them in your email campaign can help your business gain some further attention. A photo with an inspirational quote included is a great place to start.

Thousands of People Receive the Emails

A huge benefit of utilizing a professional marketing service to send out your email campaign is the fact that thousands of people receive those emails. You can choose the specific size to have them sent to, such as 100,000. You can even select as high as 50,000,000, if you are willing to pay a higher price for it. This is advantageous to your company because it means a plethora of people will see your email and learn about your business. This will gain more than enough attention for your company to help jump start it.

Email campaigns should be implemented into every new business’ marketing techniques. They offer a number of helpful benefits, including providing tracking and reports, allowing thousands of people to learn about your business, catching people’s attention with shareable images, and being able to target the specific demographic you are looking to share your services with. Choose an email campaign today, and it will begin working in just a few days from now.

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