5 Major Factors That Influence the Price Of Diamonds

Rare and precious elements are usually highly priced. Since diamond is a rare element on earth, it comes at a price. However, the price will vary depending on its brilliance and quality. If you are planning on purchasing these precious and rare stones, you should keep the following factors in mind as they will affect its price.


The cut usually refers to the angles and facets that reflect light. The cut will determine the brightness, beauty, and sparkle that the diamond will have. Well cut diamonds have a tremendous and distinctive light return that makes them more valuable and desirable. On the other hand, moderately or poorly cut diamond will not reflect much light back to your eyes and appears lifeless, dull, flat, and will cost much less.

Carat weight

The carat size greatly affects the price of diamonds. Carat refers to the weighing scale for any piece of diamond. Usually, the greater the weight, the more expensive the precious stone will be. Diamonds weighing below the weight of a full carat tend to be less costly than those that weigh higher than a full carat.


A perfect diamond is colorless and transparent. However, most diamonds will have impurities that will give them color. Red, pink, and blue diamonds tend to be costly while yellow and white diamonds are cheaper. Diamond colors are characterized on a D to Z scale, where D to F are for the colorless diamonds, G to J are for nearly colorless stones, and J to Z are for effectively colorless diamonds.


Clarity affects Diamond Prices. Clarity refers to the imperfections that a diamond has, for example, gas bubbles, dark spots, cracks, cloudiness, and white spots. Clear diamonds are quite rare and costly because they have little or no imperfections. You can use a magnifying lens to determine the flaws that the precious stone has because most flaws are not visible to the naked eye.


There are different shapes of diamonds available in the market today. The common shapes include princess, asscher, radiant, cushion, pear, round, marquise, oval, and emerald. The diamond shape you choose will depend on your preferences and the price will also vary depending on the shape. The round shaped diamonds are the most expensive because they are polished and all impurities have been eliminated.


Another determinant of diamond price is certification. A grading report by AGS or GIA will boost the value of these precious stones because they are a confirmation of the quality of diamond that you are purchasing. Ungraded diamonds tend to be cheaper. However, it is best to always buy graded stones because you will be assured of their quality.

Diamonds are highly desired because of their brilliance and luxurious appearance. Even though the price of diamond tends to fluctuate in the market, the difference is negligible. The decrease or increase in value of these precious stones largely depends on both the specific characteristics that they possess and the general financial market. To get value for your money when shopping for diamonds, you should keep the aforementioned factors in mind.





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