5 Most Stressful Jobs  


Stress is a killer, many times literally. There are numerous studies which have linked stressed to a myriad of diseases and poor lifestyles. This can lead to obesity, depression, anxiety and other issues which also comes with a smattering of their own ailments. It’s a downward cycle, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on a career that (while demanding) you still love. It does, however, mean that some changes need to be made either in your work itself or in how you train your body to respond to it.

For example, it’s well known that being an attorney in some demanding firms is exhausting. However, there are many quality, reputable law firms where partners prioritize the well-being of every attorney in the practice. Maybe it’s more about finding your right fit within your industry rather than just the “right” career. Here are some of the most stressful careers right now that might be harming your health:

1. Enlisted military

The causes of potential stress in this field are clear, and it’s not so easy to adjust your environment. In scenarios like this, it’s crucial to practice stress management techniques. There are many methods to do this, and it will take some trial and error. If possible, meet with a mental health therapist to discuss avenues for minimizing stress and dealing with issues such as trauma immediately.

2. Airline pilot

You probably got into this job because you loved flying, but those demanding schedules and (let’s be honest) not as fun as leisure flight requirements can be extremely stressful. A big change might be considering other airlines with schedules that suit you better or opting for short-haul flights instead of trans-continental.

3. K-12 teacher

You’re working long hours (which you aren’t paid for), have to deal with crowded classrooms, parents, bureaucracy, paying for school supplies yourself and at times an unstable environment. It’s no wonder the vast majority of new teachers call it quits in less than five years. If teaching is your passion, there are many things you can do with certification such as change school districts, public vs. private, tutoring and the like. First, talk with fellow teachers and the administration about addressing issues and the teachers retirement system but if it’s not a right fit, you can’t force it.

4. Corporate executive

This is one of the most high powered positions you can achieve, one of the easiest to lose, and (surprisingly) one of the easiest to walk away from. Not everyone is happy in this kind of leadership role, so ask yourself regularly if you’re truly enjoying what you do. If you’re not, you have the experience and skills to move on and should if it’s impacting your health.


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