5 New Age Attributes to Look for In a New Home that Save Money


When choosing a new home, it’s important that you get what you want while remaining true to your budget. In the 21st century, this can be easier to do as new homes are developed with advanced technology in mind. Unfortunately, older homes are not developed in such a manner and could be detrimental to your bank accounts through damages or expensive upgrades. What should you look for in a home that can reduce your overall expenses?

No Electromagnetic Fields

Disruption of wireless devices can be a side effect of electromagnetic energy. In fact, it can cause a great deal of damage to electronic devices should they rest near something that is generating a field. This damage could cost quite a bit for replacement or repairs to your already expensive electronic devices. Although EM fields have been known to cause various mental complications such as vertigo and hallucinations, there is inconclusive evidence that it can cause cancer and tumors. According to this post from Cancer.org, the physical risk of EM fields is minimal in labratory mice and rats.

Ethernet Connections

A home with built-in Ethernet connectivity is a high selling point for those that are computer literate. This saves on trying to string cables from one room to another or fight wireless transmission speeds while trying to play online games. This can be a great time saver especially if the property owner installed a 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch. For families that have many computer systems, setting up a network can be expensive should you prefer hard line connections as opposed to wireless access.

Integrity of the Property

When you’re buying or renting a new home, most of you will not know the previous residents. As such, you may be unaware of any direct damage the home could suffer through the neglect and/or mistreatment of the establishment by those individuals. Bad framework, split window seals or gaps in doors can let in the elements which could directly affect your electronics forcing you to pay for repairs or replacements. According to this post, a proper inspection before and after can be of great benefit to the landlord and future tenants by identifying those trouble areas before they get serious. Ensure that the structure is sound to support furniture and other needs.

Current Wiring Capabilities

As humanity charges into the digital age, more electricity is needed for electronics. Poor wiring or outdated lines could cause problems for the digitally-minded renter. Improper grounds can attribute to blowing a computer power supply while inadequate lines can constrict the necessary power for other electronics. This will undoubtedly cost money for repairs as computer power supplies are incredibly sensitive to energy fluctuations. Make sure the lines are viable for your electronic needs and that each socket is properly grounded.

Water Usage

There are many ways that a home can be more efficient when it comes to water use. Aerated faucets and shower heads are only one method that could benefit a renter or buyer. This helps you keep more money in your pocket instead of paying for water that winds up being wasted otherwise. As many areas are constantly monitored with water restrictions, you want to make sure that your new home can be sustainable in light of those regulations.

New age upgrades can be installed in virtually any home if the landlord invests the money to do so. This would help both tenant and owner as some modifications can reduce the risk of damage and injury such as improved internal wiring. Look for a home that can help you save money both today and tomorrow by promoting a stable environment for your lifestyle.


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