5 Tech Trends in Investing to Watch Out for in 2014

It’s true what they say: a gadget a day keeps the brokers at play. Well, maybe “they” didn’t say that specifically, but certainly something like it is happening in the current stock market regarding tech trends and futures. And 2014 promises some important developments for new technology.

Paying attention to the new and emerging tools in tech is an investment in itself. If you’re looking for the best ventures, then check out these five 2014 tech trends in investing for the latest financial stats on all the high-tech hype.

Monetizing Mobility

The year 2014 won’t only see a rise in the mobile device industry – mobile device movers and shakers such as Apple are only seeing stock prices soar – but mobile data and communication industries as well. An inclination toward user-friendly devices and consumer-friendly services has solidified mobility as a major player on the 2014 tech scene.

Company to Watch: T-Mobile. When it comes to mobile data, T-Mobile has the right idea. The company’s “Uncarrier” initiative is driving customers to their service by the thousands. T-Mobile reports that its total earnings should be somewhere around $6 billion in 2014.

Cashing in on Virtual Reality

Virtual technology is becoming a reality now that Oculus VR is on the scene and on task for creating the seminal virtual reality (VR) and 3D experience of the century. But Oculus VR isn’t the only company slated to make its 2014 virtual debut. Recent news suggests other companies may help this technology become more universal – investments should pay off as a result.

Company to Watch: Sony. As Oculus VR projects are currently on hold because of a lack of parts for their software development kits (SDK), Sony has stepped in and announced its plans to release a similar VR headset: Project Morpheus for the PS4. Sony already plays a lead role in the market for gaming. The latest news suggests its stocks might see more gains in 2014.

Investing in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the latest tech storm to hit the Cloud hype, making money rain for market shares. A technology based on different devices communicating together on a network, the Internet of Things makes way for the smart home of the future and much more.

Company to Watch: IBM. While its share of the personal computer space is nowhere near where it used to be, IBM isn’t letting that get its stocks down. The computer company recently teamed up with AT&T on a plan B: its own “global” Internet of Things with IBM. Right now, IBM stock is cheaper than in recent years, which may make it a good time to buy considering the big promises the company is making for 2014.

Shares in SaaS Solutions

When it comes to SaaS solutions, especially with the widening mobile space, new platforms are being developed every day. In 2014, expect big things like customized applications, especially those with access to the Cloud.

Company to Watch: Infor. Oracle Corporation’s Charles Phillips heads up this latest project that includes solutions for everything from Customer Relationship Management to Product Lifecycle Management and much more. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Oracle said fiscal third quarter net income rose 2.4% as the corporate-software company continues to show it can fend off online competitors.” Investors can likely expect Infor to have the same luck in the coming months.

The Ticker Tape on 3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing for the general consumer made a big debut during 2012-13. The technology promises to open the doors for consumer-based product production. Investors can expect more of the same for 2014, especially as new companies work their way into the market. Crowd-funded projects for 3D printer accessories and add-ons have also helped to open the space even more.

Company to Watch: Zortrax. Reuters reports that, while Makerbot is still a big player on the scene, the market has made room for more: “Zortrax’s segment of the 3D printer market has grown by several hundred percent each year.” Investors should keep an eye on this trend to ensure they buy in at just the right time in 2014.

What developments do you hope to see in 2014 tech trends? How will you cash in on the engaging gadgets and mobile tools that’ll likely drive the stock market? Share your thoughts on trends in tech in the comments below.

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