5 Tips for Increasing Retail Sales


A well-run retail establishment can be quite the lucrative enterprise, but as a store owner, you have probably gotten a taste of how competitive it is, and the challenges that come with creating a nice, steady flow of sales. It is easy to look at more successful business owners and think they must be smarter than you, or have something you don’t, but this is almost never the case. They simply took the time to learn what works, and applied the strategies consistently. Here are five powerful ways to boost sales in your own store:

Make Your Entrance ‘Pop’

The entrance is the first thing a potential customer sees as he breezes past your establishment, and if you have not put in the effort to make this part of the store appealing as possible, you are really dropping the ball on maximizing your layout as far as boosting sales is concerned. Make the entrance pop; make it look enticing so a person feels compelled to enter and see what is on display in the rest of the store. Make some eye-catching signage and make sure new products are front and center to turn window-shoppers into buyers. Just like curb appeal is important for people trying to sell a home, your store’s ‘curb appeal’ is important for people trying to sell products.

Make Sure Bags or Baskets are Handy

If a customer is carrying around a bag or basket, she is much more likely to make multiple purchases. Just that one item can look a bit lonely, and some people may even feel a bit embarrassed walking up to the register with just one puny item in it. Make sure you put them right at the front of the store so customers can pick them up immediately upon entering.

Point of Purchase Displays

Putting together quality point of purchase displays is crucial for increasing sales. Enticing customers to make these last-minute impulse purchases can make for a significant boost in sales. The first thing you want to do is give some thought to what items are most in-demand and likely to sell given your typical customer. Don’t just throw anything up there, thinking its mere proximity to the check-out line will be enough to spur buyers into action. Quantity discounts are always a great tactic, and it can work even better when you combine two complementary products, such as shampoo and conditioner, rather than two of the same thing. Check with vendors to see if they have any point of purchase materials or items you can include in your display. They can also be a good source of tips. Create a sense of urgency by creating limited time offers.

You’re a customer just like anyone else, so give some thought to your own impulse purchases. What types of things did you feel compelled to buy? What methods enticed you, and what ones held little appeal? Ultimately, did the display or the actual product factor in most heavily when deciding to make the purchase? Make sure you change up displays every few weeks, and constantly be evaluating what is happening with the displays so you can get a sense of what is working and what isn’t.

Get Customers to Go Right

While people tend to naturally look left first when they enter a store, they tend to end up going right and walking counter-clockwise around the establishment. So, take advantage of this tendency by positioning your new products, best-sellers or what have you, to the right hand side.

Play Music

Music is a great way to boost sales because not only does it create a more pleasant atmosphere, it can induce a sense of relaxation, which slows down a customer’s sense of time. Anything you can do to get a person to stay in your store longer is a good strategy to employ. Just be sure the music selection is appropriate to your establishment and customer base.

These are just a small sampling of tips to increase sales with a more effective layout. Educate yourself on this important topic and make the necessary changes to your store.


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