5 Ways to Grow Your Business With a Video Production for 2019

The true test of an online business’ success is the fact that it continues to grow. While there are so many startups launching every minute and thousand of so-called “growth hacks” that promise to double your income in just a few months, it’s challenging to find the right balance that will get things right for you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to amassing a steady following on the Internet, much more to ensuring conversions each time. But when you really take all the fluff out of the discussion, everything really boils down to the fundamentals. In short, the things that every business needs to drive growth that is both scalable and enduring.

According to Punchy Digital Media, the five core elements of a successful business are: positive branding, empowered employees, repeatable sales, loyal customers, and a sense of community. How do you make sure that all these factors are achieved with the most efficient use of time, money and resources possible? Video.

Here are five ways a video production can drive your business’ growth in 2019.

  1. Positive branding

For a business to truly grow, your brand should be memorable and distinct so that you can be set apart from your competitors. A promotional video will not only help achieve a wider audience and awareness about your brand, it will also encourage engagement. You want your market to talk about your product in a positive way and then tell their friends and networks about it, as well. You can have a marketing video professionally made and then share this on your website and across social networks.

  1. The right employees

Great businesses are built on the right mix of employees who will serve as your brand evangelists. The right video content, especially those that are released periodically, will help attract the talent and the attitude you want to have on your team. Simply releasing hiring notices and listing qualifications is okay, but videos will help better communicate your business’ goals so that only those who are truly interested and aligned with your values come.

  1. Repeatable sales

You need an efficient sales process that continues to evolve with the changing market. For instance, if you need a Melbourne video production, you will need to constantly update it with local information to remain relevant to your market. Videos that contain updates, testimonials, stories and reviews are effective in this aspect.

  1. Loyal customers

Loyal customers are those who are happy with your product and services and choose to stay. Onboarding videos are helpful for connecting with your consumers and engaging with them. The goal of every business is to retain and delight customers. Welcome videos, how-tos, product updates, check-ins and more, are a great way to continuously connect with your clients—and make new ones.

  1. Community

When all elements of a business—the customers, the market, the employees and the creators—feel a sense of unity and belonging with your brand, so will your enterprise continue to grow. Success happens when everyone that you influence feel that they are part of a community and are supporting something that is bigger than themselves. The role of video is to communicate this societal contribution and connect your brand with the goal. This can be in the form of a thank you clip or a reminder of where their support of your brand is going.



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