6 languages that will help you climb up the success ladder


With English being a widely accepted global language, the world of business and academia can rest assured for a while. But, with reliance on just one language, they cannot reap the harvest for long. The competitive world asks for something extra, even in terms of language. Those who want an edge over their competitors need to focus on other popular languages, other than English. Whether it is French to English translation or English to Mandarin paraphrasing, being bilingual or multilingual helps you in doing these better than your counterparts.

Whether you want to work as a language translator or desire to mark your impression in the field of hotel management, tourism, advertising or event management, a language degree increases your chance of success manifold. According to an article in CNN Money, over 25, 000 jobs are going to be open for language translators and interpreters in the period 2010 – 2020 in the USA. It’s not an encouraging fact only for the residents of the USA, but the trend also reflects the increasing demand for language translators all over the world.

But, with a wide number of languages spoken by native speakers in different regions, picking the one which will best suit your career prospects is not easy. Given below are 6 foreign languages that have given a boost to the career of many till now.

French: The language of love and business

With French being the official language of 29 countries all over the world, including the emerging markets of Africa, it’s a great option when it comes to language learning for better career prospects. The bright future of African economy opens with it the chances of increasing demand for French to English translation and vice versa for business. Say bonjour to French if you want to give a jump to your steady career path.

Arabic for betters prospects in the field of gas and energy

With Arabic speakers predominant in Middle East, which stores the largest proportion of gas and energy used by people across the world, this language has become quite popular in last few years. With high GDP of Arab countries, businesses from all corners are getting attracted towards this region, and thus, the need has emerged for professional English to Arabic translators.

German to excel in the world of MNCs

With German-based MNCs like Siemens and Bayer employing a large number of professionals all over the world, the on-site opportunities are plenty. To understand the need of the native clients better, various companies are now looking for English to German translators. If you also have the knowledge of German language along with your professional degree, you are more likely to be noticed in the corporate world.

Mandarin Chinese to bang on the opportunities in the Asian market

With China emerging as the second largest economy in the world, the interest of professionals in the Mandarin Chinese has increased considerably over the last few years. Hard to learn, but high in demand, this language is your shortcut to the world of business that is engaged in day-to-day dealings with the Chinese market. Moreover, the difficulty in learning this language makes it an indicator of higher cognitive skills of those who can master over it.

Japanese to get access to the high-tech economy

The hi-tech economy of Japan has made it stand out in the world of business. In the technology sector, the demand of professionals with fluency in Japanese is going to increase considerably with time. Japanese electronics companies, like Sony, Toyota and Toyota are bringing remarkable innovations in their products. Even in the field of animation and cinematography, Japanese are setting examples for the world. With the knowledge of the Japanese language, you can get exposed to booming job opportunities in all these lucrative sectors.

Spanish is the need of the time

With Spanish being one of the most widely studied languages in the world, it is now turning into a must have qualification to be included in your resume. With Spanish being the first language of many Americans and widely spoken in Southern hemisphere, it’s a language that defines your dedication towards being highly competitive in the global world.

With the increasing need of language translators all over the world, it is a right career decision to start with learning different languages. The more you learn new languages, the more you succeed.

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