7 Steps on Business Essay Writing Services


Some students take the essay writing as a dreaded task whether it is a class essay, scholarship essay or in any contest.Essay writing is just like a large project, and there are various steps, which students can follow to make their essay presentable in all respects. By following the simple steps, it becomes easy in drafting a successful and meaningful essay.Generally an essay has 3 main parts:

  • An Introduction
  • Main body of an essay
  • Conclusion

The most important skill of essay writing is to how to organize it, for writing essay the thought should be clear. The basic seven steps of writing an essay are as follows:


  1. Selection of Topic

Either the topic is given or it is to be selected by the candidates. If the topic is according to the choice of candidate, then they have free reign of writing and no boundation is there but if the topic is given then they are bound to that topic limit. While selecting the topic on your own, firstly the purpose is to be defined and research on the topics is to be needed. One must be interested in that topic while writing; if it is the goal to persuade then the subject of the topic chosen will be of passionate one and if it is related to education then the subject must be what you have studied.

  1. Preparing an outline of ideas

The most important step of writing a successful essay is to organize the thoughts. By putting all the thoughts of the mind on the paper then the connections between ideas will be clearly understood and it works like a foundation step of essay. All the ideas in sequence must be jotted down in the form of an outline or in the diagrammatic form. It is very helpful in organizing the thoughts and making sequential connections in them.

  1. Writing thesis statement

After the selection of topic and jotting down all the ideas, next comes the step of writing the thesis statement. It has basically two parts: one is topic and the other is the essay points.

  1. Writing the Body

The body of the essay is the main part which describes and explains the topic.  All the paragraph of the body will have the same structure and the relative information’s should be written there and all the supporting ideas should be mentioned there.

  1. Writing the Introduction

After the creation of the thesis and the overall body of the essay, now comes the introduction and it should be catchy, unique and attractive so that it may attract the reader’s attention and have the focus on the topic. The body of essay should contain some quotes, best lines, story to make it more presentable and attractive.

  1. Conclusion

It sums up all the thoughts and the ideas giving the final summary or the final perspective on the topic. To end with the essay there must strong and touching, catchy sentences so that reader’s attention are totally on it while reading it and have good impact on them.

  1. Final Touch

After writing the conclusion, one must give attention to each and every small detail. All the order of paragraphs should be checked. The strongest points should be in the first and the last stanza and one must be sure with the sequence of para makes a sense or meaning. Finally review whole essay thoroughly that phrases are connecting ideas or smooth sentences are used.


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