A handful of Optimism. Lessons from a child

 A handful of optimism. Just keep checking… Luck had nothing to do with it!

Never Stop Checking...
Just Keep Checking…

About once a week my family and I go to the same restaurant to eat. Without fail, each time upon entering, my youngest son goes over to the video games and is quick to check each machine’s coin return for money.  For over a year my son would return to the table empty handed only to be questioned by his brother about his relentless pursuit of spare change.

Until the da my youngest son returns with a smile from ear to ear and a handful of quarters!  His brother, amazed by the mountain of quarters, asked where he got them. My youngest replied; “In the games that I check”. His brother, still amazed, says “but there is never any money in those machines, you are so lucky!”  My youngest replies “Well, there WAS never any money, until now. AND Luck had nothing to do with it. I check those machines every single time and have never given up, I just keep checking!”

How many times have you given up when you don’t find what you are looking for? Well don’t! Sometimes the disappointment of finding nothing is just too much for us adults. I think we all need a handful of optimism sometimes and we will find what we are looking for when we just keep checking!

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