A No Nonsense Approach to Increasing Sales

Online business is all about increasing your revenue. You will need to test, test, and test again to see what works for your target audience. From where you place your opt-in to your sales copy, your numbers will be effected in a big, positive way by following a few techniques.


The information age



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Many marketers have had success with placing their opt-in offer near the top of the page or in a prominent area. On a blog it can be very effective to have an opt-in just after the first paragraph of text. This is a great place because you know the reader is engaged and you know their eyes have come across the opt-in box. When it comes to growing your business, information is key. In today’s time the leaders of the web are those who are providing the most valuable information. The thought leaders and titans of their own industry are no doubt providing a massive amount of information to their audience.

Why is providing information so important? As a business owner, shouldn’t you be looking for the next product to create for your audience? The information your company is providing takes precedence over everything because it affects your credibility. Taking part in the conversation of your industry with the purpose of leading the conversation is essentially 

thought leadership. Even if your business is primarily offline, such as a bar or restaurant, the business offering more knowledge about the food or drinks wins. In the event you need representation for a state tax audit, contact a comptroller audit lawyer in Houston.

Sales copy is essential


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The copy on your website needs to revolve around the customer, instill urgency, and include a call to action. It’s called sales copy for a reason and you need to compel your visitors to buy. Promoting a free offering is a good way to help compel your audience. Be prepared for people who do not fully read sales copy, they “scan” the page. Make your page easily readable with appropriate headers, sub headers, bullet points, and images for visual stimulation.

Another way to generate more money in your business is to increase the value of each customer. If the average checkout on your website is of one item, perhaps there is opportunity to upsell that you’re not utilizing. Although it is the goal to acquire more customers, even with the same amount of customers, your business can generate more revenue. Offer a relevant upsell on the product sales page or near the end of the checkout process. Maximize the value of every customer you have.

Know your best selling products

Determining which products are selling the best lets you know exactly what you should be selling more of. This information gives you insight regarding who your audience is. Once you’ve defined these products, simply set up ads, cross-sell, and upsell the products. Enhancing the user experience on your site can also result in more sales. Perhaps you can get different angles of your product, offer a zoom in feature, 360-degree view, or an “unboxing” video. An “unboxing” video simply shows the product so that the customer knows what to expect and gets the experience of having the product.

Provide a great deal of valuable information to your audience so that you can be viewed as a valuable authority. This is the opportunity for your company to give and not just scream for attention. Giving value lets your customers know that you care more about them than the sale. That approach will help build trust in your business resulting in more sales.


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