AidaForm Online Form Builder Review

Online forms are useful, but creating them can often be complicated. Coding an online form from scratch is not easy if you don’t have experience with HTML and CSS at least, and even trying to customize an existing template or readymade form that you found elsewhere will be difficult.

Instead of going down either route, there is an easier way: AidaForm. It is an easy form creator that you can use to create forms without writing any code at all.

Create Exactly the Online Forms You Need

All you need to do to create a form using AidaForm is construct it in the graphical interface with the various ‘building blocks’ for the different types of fields you require. The blocks cover practically any type of field you could want for, and with them you could create all types of forms including newsletter signups, payment processing, ‘contact us’ forms, and more.

It is also possible to customize the appearance and design of your forms within AidaForm. That will allow you to ensure your form blends in with the rest of your website design, or utilizes your branding elements.

In short AidaForm will give you a versatile tool to create exactly the online forms you need in any situation. By taking advantage of it you could improve a variety of areas, including lead generation, market research, feedback, and more.

Important Features

As you can imagine the features in AidaForm are diverse, but some are particularly noteworthy as they will let you:

  • Use templates to create forms quickly or as a starting point to structure a custom form.
  • Incorporate various types of fields into your forms including lists, CAPTCHA, Google Maps, Paypal payments, multiple-choice questions, and more.
  • Apply themes in various styles to your forms and then customize them further.
  • Easily publish the form using the code that is automatically generated or by linking to it directly.
  • View and analyze the collected data in the web interface itself with helpful visualizations.
  • Export data in common formats such as Excel documents or Google Sheets to use with other software.
  • Utilize the built-in integration with MailChimp to manage email lists or Zapier to link AidaForm with other apps such as Dropbox.


Although the features listed above are only part of what’s available in AidaForm, it should help you to get a better idea of its scope. Suffice to say it is versatile – and will let you tailor-make the forms that you need.

Of course there is no better way for you to fully understand what AidaForm can do than to try it out. Considering it’s free you really have nothing to lose – save for the fact that you probably won’t look back once you get a taste of its potential.

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