Beware of Roofing Scams and Scammers


When you need roof repairs, you can be stressed out, worried, and prone to making a mistake when deciding on a roofer. That’s why you shouldn’t wait until the sky is falling (literally, into your living room!) before researching and building a relationship with a local roofing company or roofer like Frederick Micken, you should also look for experts like First Response Roofing .

Such companies are essentially a retailer that specializes in large-scale goods. Ideally, roofs are inspected at least once per year so any trouble spots can get caught and addressed before they get out of control.

If you haven’t been keeping up with roof maintenance, though, at least keep this in mind: Not all roofers are honest.

Recently in Atlanta, two brothers were accused of scamming residents, and ultimately made off with thousands of unearned dollars. According to AJC News, Keith Derrick Ogles, 50, and Jeffery Glenn Ogles, 51, were arrested on November 21, 2014 and are awaiting trial now.

The brothers allegedly targeted elderly homeowners by saying they “did roof repairs”; but it appears they weren’t qualified, nor did they deliver on their promises.

Whom can you trust?

As police have been pursuing their investigation of the Ogles’ scam, they suspect there are several other victims who haven’t come forward yet. But one 89-year-old homeowner in Morningside said he handed over $40,000 to the Ogles for repairs.

According to when the roof still wasn’t “fixed,” the brothers said the issue was bigger than they had originally thought, and they asked for more cash. According to local Officer Kim Jones, “Had the ‘repairs’ been done properly, they would have amounted to roughly $1,500 worth of work and materials. However, the ‘roofers’ did more damage than they repaired.”

Victims have been identified by police in the Emory University and Druid Hills neighborhoods. Another 85-year-old man said he paid the Ogles $72,000 before he realized it was likely a scam and refused to give them any more money.

At that point, he said the brothers told him they would “rip the work down” if he didn’t pay. They’ve now been charged with financial exploitation of the elderly, with bail set at $50,000 each.

Check out The Advice Guide for ways to spot a scam, but remember: your gut instinct is your best defense.


Real roofers to the rescue

It’s unlikely that you’ll need to sign a contract with roofers “that very day” when you discover something’s wrong. Always get multiple opinions and estimates, and then check for online reviews, look up the ratings with the Better Business Bureau, and carefully review the contracts before hiring a residential roofer.

There are many honest, transparent roofing companies out there, but a bad apple can easily bankrupt a homeowner.

When you’re hunting for a residential roofing services company, take your time. Ask for a portfolio of past projects, and make sure any quotes are in line with other bids you receive.

I suggest that you look for a credible company just like the Albertas Permanent Roofing that has a competent team.

Anyone can become a victim of a scam, but with a little work you can spot the red flags before getting yourself into a financial mess. Also, bear in mind that roofing scams are just one of the many ways shady “entrepreneurs” try to take advantage of people who don’t know much about complex jobs or products. Look up residential roofing in Greer, SC or nearby roofing service areas if you need professionals and need a second opinion on roofing replacements.

A few bad apples …

No matter what retail niche you’re looking at, a few well-publicized bad apples can make the market challenging for startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs trying to do a good job for customers. That’s one reason Las Vegas has been working so diligently for more than a decade to shed the stigma of shoddy business practices.

When one “business” or scammer makes headlines, it can have a negative impact on the entire industry. If you’re a retailer, particularly one with an online presence, protecting your reviews is key.

But nothing scores like personalized service and high quality. Those should be the foundation of any business, and a professional roof replacement company will be proud to tout how it performs.


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