Big Data Jobs: Careers in the Cloud Continue to Climb

Cloud computing has opened the doors for many new IT professionals. If you’re struggling to find your way in the private cloud industry, here’s an outline that will clear the fog and make it simpler for you.

Get Your Certificates

Cloud professionals need certificates. It’s as simple as that. But, not just any certs will do. In general, getting your Security+, Cloud+, and Network+ will help you get off to a good start.

Next, you may want to take the Simplilearn CISA training, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of the IS security audit process as well as how to protection information systems and networks.

The certs offered by the Information Systems Audit Control Association are really popular because of its direct translation to most IT jobs and its demand by employers – most IT professionals who obtain this certification see an immediate increase in pay, since it’s a pre-requisite for a number of government agencies and companies.

Cloud Security Alliance CCSK

This cert was one of the first security ones to hit the market. It’s vendor-neutral, so you won’t be locking yourself into a particular vendor, but it’s specialized in the sense that it gives you more in-depth knowledge about security than other basic security certifications.

Rackspace Cloud U

Cloud U is another vendor-neutral certificate course that prepares you for cloud computing. The Cloud U content will bring you up to speed on cloud computing. The nice thing about this course is that it’s available to any professional, but you must complete 10 Cloud U lesson quizzes and a 50 question test to be certified.

Google Certified Deployment Specialist

This cloud-centric certification was the first of its kind offered by Google. The courses contained in the program help you master more than just basics. You’ll become a certified deployment specialist, focusing on deployment of Google’s Apps for Business and Education.

This certification is also a great lead-in for the Google Certified Sales Specialist. To get these certs, you will need to complete a 98 question exam. Certified Developer is one of the most coveted CRM systems in the world. Its cloud-computing environment has created its own certification for app development and maintenance. Their Certified Force Developer cert is widely considered one of the best cloud dev certs on the market, even though it’s only applicable to the Salesforce system.

The exam is 60 questions.

IBM Cloud Certifications available today mainly deal with one of several areas. First, there’s the Certified Solution Architect. This cert is focused on architecture, management, planning, and design capabilities for IBM’s cloud computing architecture. You must pass a 49-question exam, which should last approximately 75 minutes. You must get a 65 percent accuracy to pass.

The IBM Certified Solution Adviser covers cloud computing basics, like TSAM, ISDM, Websphere, Cloudburst, and Virtualization. There is a 50 question test which must be finished in 90 minutes and you must achieve a 68 percent accuracy score to pass.

VMware Certified Professional 

When you think “virtualization,” you think VMware. This certification is the most popular in this space, and it certifies you for a variety of virtualization-related methodologies and technologies. To get certified, you will need to pass a final exam containing 85 questions.

Cloud Certified Professional

The Cloud Certified Professional is a person who has attended a one-day course module and tested out on it, passing an elective exam as well as the fundamentals exam. Once completed, you will have a thorough understanding of the basics of cloud computing and NIST knowledge.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials

The Cloud Essentials course is something you should consider taking after the Cloud+ course. It is designed for individuals who want a more technical understanding of how cloud computing works, from both the IT perspective as well as a business perspective.

The certification covers governance of cloud computing environments as well as migration.

You must pass an exam consisting of 50 questions in 60 minutes, and achieve a score of 72 percent or higher to pass. This is one of the more challenging exams out there because of the high pass mark required. However, it’s also an underrated and very valuable certificate to have.

While there are more certificates you could get for cloud computing, these represent some of the more important courses on the market right now. Focus on what you think would be best, given your career objectives, and start applying yourself today.

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