Boost Your Staff Morale with Uninterrupted Breaks and Space


By helping your staff make the best of their lunch break, you will recharge them to be more productive and focused at work. When this help comes in the form of a spacious, well ventilated space, the benefits are unmatched. And the results will be evident.

Why the Breaks?

  • Research shows that 45 percent of workers in the United States are taking fewer and shorter lunch breaks, with most skipping lunch altogether.
  • Providing staff with a clean secluded space away from their desk will not only help them avoid getting food all over their desks and office supplies, but also to interact with other colleagues, unwind and recharge for the remaining hours of the day.
  • When this space, whether in form of a lunch tent or a building, is some reasonable distance away from the office, your staff will be compelled to take short walks, which relieve stress and can sometimes be therapeutic. Most of them will return to their desk with renewed energy.

With the availability of large temporary lunch tent structures for rent that can hold up to 1000 people at one go, you can customize this structure to serve as a lunch room and a gym to provide fitness services or yoga right at the workspace.

Experts show that lunch hour workouts are an effective way of losing weight and studies have proven that adults up to the age of 85 that are physically fit have fewer colds and flus. This means less sick-offs and in turn higher productivity, an additional bonus.

In many countries including the United States, employment law dictates working hours and breaks for your staff. It is mandatory that you give your staff lunch breaks. In some states like California, the law states that employees must get a 30-minute meal break if they work for more than five hours. And this cannot be equated or translated to be working lunch.

Though it sounds cynical, the law demands that an employer gives staff time to take intermittent breaks in between work. Some organizations take this law very seriously and go an extra mile to give their staff incentives to take breaks; this maybe in form of the free gym services or providing lunch for staff.

When you use tent structures like clear span, the adequate space will help you save the money you would have spent on installing air conditioning equipment. The fabric used for these tents protects your staff from harsh weather conditions while eating or working out. Maximum ventilation in these types of tents, in addition to sufficient natural light, provides staff with the finest air quality.

This well-ventilated space helps alleviate or reduce health conditions aggravated by bad air circulation like asthma, allergies to dust and other respiratory conditions. Since these structures don’t harbor pests, bacteria or viruses trapped in air conditioning, your staff is assured of health safety at all times, while at the same time reducing costs for pest control and maintenance.

















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