Budget Hotels – Are They Ever a Good Idea?

Everywhere you go, you are bound to find really expensive luxury hotels and business hotels, along with budget hotels that are perfect for the traveler who does not have a lot of money. But are budget hotels ever really a good idea? Are they even worth the budget prices that you pay to stay in them? Or should you continue looking elsewhere and stick with a non-budget hotel instead? Continue reading to learn more so that you can make the right decision the next time you are looking for hotel accommodations for your next trip.

When Budget Hotels are a Good Idea: A Lot of Great Reviews

Checking out websites like TripAdvisor is a great way to really determine whether or not a budget hotel is the best choice for your next vacation. These sites offer reviews from other guests who have already stayed at the hotels, along with their personal photos and videos. And these reviews are a great way to gauge just how good a hotel really is, especially since even the lowest priced hotels may have hired an expensive professional photographer to make their rooms look a lot better than they are in reality.

Beware that some reviews may be false, whether they are positive or negative. Try to read into the tone of a review and what the writer is actually saying about the hotel. Is it overly positive or negative? Did the hotel respond to the review if it was negative, in an attempt to make good for the dissatisfaction? Are there photos and videos that go along with the review to prove the people actually stayed there?

Tip: Search for Specific Hotels for More Information

In addition to review websites, you can also search for additional information on a particular hotel. You may be surprised by what you find on websites like www.bloomberg.com.

When Budget Hotels are a Bad Idea: Poor Location

When booking hotels online, you will inevitably find a variety of great deals for hotels in the area that you are traveling to, but make sure that you look for hotels that are in good locations. Budget hotels are often found in undesirable parts of cities and suburbs, and they may even be located in dangerous areas.

Therefore, really get to know the location that you are planning on traveling to, including the areas that you want to avoid, and then search for hotels in the desirable areas that you want to stay in. If you are only finding budget hotels in unsafe areas or areas that are really far removed from the central location you are going to be in, it is best to pay more and stay in a better area that will make it easy to get to all of the attractions you seek.

Booking a budget hotel isn’t always a bad idea, especially if you are really tight on cash. Just be sure to book a hotel that has positive reviews and is located in a safe, desirable area.

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