Content is Critical for 2021 and Beyond – How to Activate Engagement in Today’s Video Marketing

Source Digital, a leader in providing innovative video advertising, offers a look at how actively engaged content is king

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – (January 12, 2021) – We’ve all heard the saying that when it comes to online marketing, content is king. Going into the new year, that holds true, but there’s one caveat that marketing managers must grasp if they want their efforts to be effective. It’s not that content is king when it comes to video marketing – it’s content that actively engages viewers, which can be done by using ECM software. Those companies that tap into the power of actively engaging viewers will reap the rewards, and one company is on a mission to help them do just that.

 “There is so much money wasted on flat, one-dimensional video advertising,” explains Hank Frecon, the chief executive officer of Source Digital. “Until people move beyond that, they will be throwing money away. It’s imperative that marketers understand the importance of having great content that is paired with ads that actively engage the viewer.”

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 Source Digital is leading the field in transforming this area of the advertising field. Its technology provides marketers a unique way to reach their target market and helps viewers avoid the annoying ads that can take them away from primary video content. Viewers not only save time and ease efforts toward acquisition through this technology, but they are ensured that their privacy is not violated, a big concern for most viewers.

 YouTube, the most-watched video-sharing platform, has over two billion users in over 100 countries, and it reports that over one billion hours of video are watched per day. While the most important step for those creating the video is to produce interesting or useful content, what marketers must focus on is actively engaging the viewers. Here are some tips for actively engaging in today’s video marketing field: 

  • Content is critical. When it comes to getting people to actively engage, content matters the most. It’s the core trigger for increasing revenue. If you don’t know how to create content that will engage people, get professional help. Once you have the concept for your content, you may hire a video production company to shoot and edit the videos.
  • Leave the basics behind. In today’s tech-savvy world, basic video alone won’t engage people. This is especially true considering we live in a multi-screen world. To engage people, you will have to take your videos to a new level.
  • Have a strategy. Just creating videos and ads and posting them hasn’t worked so far. Going forward, create an advertising strategy, work with a production company, and be deliberate in what you do, so that you get better results.
  • Use available tools. Rather than struggle, take advantage of a platform like Source Digital’s, which helps you actively engage viewers and sells for you. Its SAMs content overlay offers viewers a personalized experience that has layered interactions. Its platform has helped many marketers to increase revenue, as well as create a better user experience.
  • Find your audience. If you show videos or ads to the wrong target market, you will have a more difficult time engaging them. Smart marketers know they must narrow their focus and target their market in order to increase engagement. When you are showing videos to your target market, you will automatically help to increase engagement. 

 “As you go over your marketing budget for this year, don’t make the mistake of spending it on ads that don’t engage people,” added Frecon. “This year, try something new so you can see the difference that actively engaging viewers can have. If you do one new thing this year, make it to try our platform and see what it does for your bottom line.”

 Source Digital has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to help create a more engaging and effective video advertising experience. The Source network is able to pull targeted content from a variety of sources, including NBC Universal, GOLF, LiveNation, MotorTrend, and many professional sports influencers. To learn more about Source Digital, visit:

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Developed by seasoned technology leaders and inventors, Source Digital delivers a new era of contextual commerce and advertising. Offering the first in-video, contextually driven, frictionless acquisition experience, Source Digital’s technology allows content creators, owners, brands, and retailers to seamlessly engage with viewers across any device or screen in real time. An immersive approach to interactive video, Source Digital’s patented technology inspires brand loyalty organically through continuous, personalized engagement, reducing audience drift while yielding nuanced measurements and substantially increased avenues for monetization. Learn more at:

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