Cosplay Outfits: The Absolute Best & Worst

Cosplay! It’s the perfect mix of costumes and playing… well kind of. The fun idea is to get fans to dress in costumes of different fictional characters that they love. These Cosplay outfits are usually really well done, but sometimes, late planning and lack of creativity leads to, well, some hilarious Cosplay outfit fails! These are the best and worst of Cosplay outfits for your viewing pleasure.

Honey. I Shrunk The Kids to Meet The Legos!

What happened? Did you magically shrink yourself to the size of your Lego pieces, or did you blow them up? These two created two Cosplay outfits that fans will be talking about for years to come. Talk about going all out, and just look at the beautiful result!

Honey I Shrunk The Kids

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