Different Ways to Make Impressions on Clients and Sign Them Long Term


The difference between juggernauts in an industry and mediocre companies is that that the giants can keep clients long term. Many times in business, a company or salesperson does not get a second impression so the first impression is paramount. Taking care of the small details and doing everything in the company’s power to sign these clients couldn’t be more important for a new company. One large client signing with a company can legitimize that company as an industry thought leader and generate more sales. The following are a few ways to make a lasting impression and encourage a client to sign a long term deal.

Do a Test Campaign for Them

Not all companies can offer free campaigns, but all can offer a large client a test campaign. The quality of work that is done can encourage a client to sign a long term deal. Many competitors will try to sign the client without this test, but many larger corporations like to vet a contractor before giving them business. Some companies do multiple tests at once with a similar test campaign. The company that comes out on top gets the contract so it is important to put your best foot forward. Saying that you have the best product or service is easy, delivering on that statement is what will sign contracts that could change the future of a business. Getting your first few clients can change the trajectory of the company for years to come.

Wow Them with Your Office

When thinking about signing a multimillion dollar deal, it is important that you do not underwhelm this large client with your office. Something as simple as outdated technology or unprofessionally dressed staff could put a feeling of doubt when it comes to signing a contact. First impressions are everything, so it is important to have the latest and greatest office to look the part of a great company. There are executive suites that can be rented long term or even just for a few meetings a month. This can help cut down on expenses for the entire month without having to worry about bringing a huge client to your startup that is run out of a garage.

Take The Client Out

Many people think that the days of handshakes over a great meal are a thing of the past. This couldn’t be further from the truth as many clients like to spend time with their contractors so they can get a sense of the type of businessperson they are. Building a personal rapport with a client can seal a deal and also make the decision to leave a company more difficult. Building this rapport with a potential client can be difficult but laying groundwork couldn’t be more important. If a large deal comes down to your business and a competitor and the decision is close, the client will choose the contactor that they developed a better relationship with. Conferences are a great place to take multiple current and potential clients out as many people from the industry are in a condensed area.

Making an impression on a new or current client can help solidify a business relationship for years to come. In the cases of family run businesses, this could ensure a lifetime or even generational contact to thrive for many years. Developing that great first impression can come from months of conversations or simply from having a great looking office. Not all clients are the same, so it is important to read the situation and decide what the plan of action is going to be. One client might love being taken out for a nice meal while another wants to see your team in action in your state-of-the-art office. Asking general questions during the vetting process of the client can allow you to gather information that will be important in creating the best first impression possible.

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