Emerging Medical Administrative Careers to Check Out in 2021

We cannot ignore the importance of healthcare in our society today. Many diseases tend to rise as days go by and can put us at significant risk. Hospitals are an essential requirement in our world. We know the importance of medical administrators, health insurance specialists, social welfare administrators, and many others. Once you go to the hospital after completing your Medical Assisting Online Classes, you are going to be in contact with doctors and the nurses that play very important roles. 

If working in a hospital setting is a career you would like but don’t want to spend a lot of time training for something, you might want to look into medical billing training to get your foot in the medical field. Here are a few other ideas you might want to consider, some requiring more schooling.

Health Insurance Specialist

To be a health insurance specialist, you need to have been in a health insurance specialist program. As a health insurance specialist, you will play a leading role in managing all the insurance processes. They can be referred to as a claims adjuster or insurance adjuster. It requires someone with skill and expertise to guide the clients. One should have mastered the insurance laws and policies and ensure that they adhere to them. Most of the work is done on the computer, and therefore they should also possess excellent computer skills.


  • Ascertain that insurance is eligible
  • Do an analysis of all the claims
  • Ensure that all the patients’ payments are recorded
  • They are in charge of all the communication with the insurance companies
  • Check whether the client is covered by the insurance company

Social Welfare Administrator

Social welfare administrators are also known as community service managers. As a social welfare administrator, you need a degree in social work, public health, or urban studies. Their roles will majorly depend on the organization that they work for. Some will be required to work with children, adults, or any other specific group in society.


  • Identify a certain group that requires support
  • Identify the area whereby they require the support
  • They are in charge of fundraisers that are meant to cater to the group
  • Come up with outreach programs
  • Ensure that the programs that they come up with are effective

Social Media Director

This requires a bachelor’s degree in marketing. They will be working with social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Social media is a potent tool used to advertise the hospital. They ensure that they respond to clients’ complaints on these platforms and post information to communicate with patients. The use of images does this.


  • Respond to the patients and clients on social media accounts
  • Post awareness and even campaigns to reach the goals of the hospital
  • Create the advertisement budget
  • Come with a strategy for the social media accounts that will help improve the hospital and educate the patients

Pharmaceutical Project Manager

Medical practitioners are searching for the treatment of many diseases. This work requires the skills of engineers, researchers, and doctors working hand-in-hand. For this medical administrative job, one needs a bachelor of science with experience in either development or manufacture of pharmaceuticals. They should have good leadership and communication skills.


  • Manage the program from the beginning until the end
  • Assign specific tasks to various groups
  • Estimate the budget for the project
  • Set the goals of the project
  • Ensure that the team is aware of the roles that they are to play
  • Keep the senior staff updated on the projects

Healthcare Brand Manager

For this career, one requires a bachelor’s degree in any relevant major and several years in the marketing field. They are meant to develop the brand for the hospital that is intended to set it apart from other hospitals. The brand should be one that attracts many clients and also ensures customer loyalty. They should be highly creative people.


  • Develop a brand for the hospital
  • Set goals that the brand is meant to reach
  • Ensure that the staff know how to communicate with the clients using the brand
  • Work with designer writers and many more to develop a quality brand
  • Keep the senior staff updated on the brand development and management

Healthcare Administrators

The outlook for healthcare jobs is “healthy” (pardon the pun), and there’s ample room for advancement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there’ll be 2.4 million new healthcare jobs by 2029. If you have a bachelor’s degree and five or more years work experience, you can complete an Executive Master’s in Healthcare Administration degree and advance to a more senior role.

An MHA degree will equip you with skills in strategic healthcare management, population health management, operations management, health information systems, and healthcare finances and economics. It can open doors to positions such as:

  • medical and health services managers
  • clinical managers
  • medical practice managers
  • healthcare program directors
  • healthcare executives

You ‘ll have access to jobs across the health sector including the health insurance industry, ambulance services, nursing homes, outpatient facilities, hospices, laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and government health departments.

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