Essential Features That Every Online Shopping Cart Should Include

When it comes to building your brand new official company website, there are a number of features that must certainly be included, particularly as these are features that improve the ease and speed with which customers navigate within your site. One of these features is your online shopping cart.

It would be a major error to build an entire site dedicated to advertising all of your available goods and services, and then neglect to include an easy mechanism by which your customers could order these products directly from you using their credit card or Paypal account. To do so would be tantamount to simply turning your back on all of the extra profits your business would otherwise be raking in.

Make Sure That You Provide Your Customers With Multiple Paying Options

Once you have set up your website shopping cart on your site, it’s an excellent idea to provide your customers with multiple paying options. For example, it’s a given that most customers would prefer to purchase goods and services from your site using their credit cards or Paypal account. Others might wish to use their Google Checkout account. The important thing is to make sure that your shopping cart is linked to all of these options so that your customers can enter their information and make a fast, secure transaction.

It’s also a worthwhile idea to make suitable accommodations for customers who prefer the old fashioned method of paying by check or money order. While these sorts of transactions are becoming increasingly rate, an extra sale or two via these method will put a few extra dollars in your company account. Why turn it down?

It’s An Excellent Idea To Include A Customized Wish List

Every official company website should also include an option whereby customers can create their own personalized “wish list.” A wish list is a place on your website where buyers can store goods that they intend to purchase at a later date. They can also email this wish list to friends and family members, or share it on social media pages, so that others can purchase these goods as gifts. In a very real way, wish lists can function as a sort of registry for upcoming bridal or baby showers, weddings, and other occasions.

Make Sure To Include An Express Checkout On Your Site

If you are going to go the full route of including an automated shopping cart on your company website, it’s best to include an express checkout feature as well. Customers who patronize your website will naturally desire to order their items and pay for them as quickly and easily as possible, without the inconvenience of wading through multiple screens.

Including an express checkout on your site enables customers to enter their info, and then store it to be pulled up when they make additional purchases at a later date. The easier you make their checkout experience, the more willing your customers will be to pay additional visits to your store.

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