Everything You Need To Know About Koh Samui

After you visit Koh Samui, you will surely tell that it is a paradise on earth. The sandy beaches and green palm trees all year round, amazing food and friendly people will make your trip unforgettable. For those who want to buy a house at the island, there is a wide range of Koh Samui property available depending on your budget and preference. But before you visit the island, there are obviously some questions that you may want to get answers to. In this article, we answer important questions that we think may be beneficial for you before you plan for a trip to Koh Samui Island.

Why should I visit Koh Samui?

 Koh Samui is one of the few islands that have something for everyone. The long, sandy beaches, delicious and affordable Thai food and the unexploited nature will surely give you an amazing experience.  There is also a wide range of accommodation options available and most Koh Samui property for rent is also affordable.  Everyone regardless of age or country will enjoy Koh Samui. The tropical climate is also convenient for everyone.

What is the best place to stay on the island? 

The best place to stay at Koh Samui actually depends on your reason for the visit. You can choose the best place for accommodation depending on whether you want to party all night, stay near the island’s main attractions or enjoy a peaceful stay. Chaweng, for instance, can be a good accommodation destination for families. The place has a wide range of accommodation options and luxurious hotels too. Besides, it is closer to the beach.  You can also consider Maenam if you are traveling alone and want to have a perfect beach experience.  The place has a wide range of luxurious accommodations and at affordable prices too. Other best accommodation destinations include the Lamai Beach, Bophut Beach and Bangrak Beach.

Can I book accommodation before traveling? 

Yes. It is possible to book for accommodation from your country. Many hotels in Koh Samui offer this option. The online booking system will give you a wide range of hotels to choose from and you will also be guaranteed payment protection. The accommodation rates vary depending on the place you want to stay in but generally, most properties for rent in Koh Samui are quite affordable. Booking online is fast, and also very efficient.

How can you get from Koh Samui to Bangkok? 

From Bangkok, you can reach Koh Samui via plane, bus or train

 Which beach should I stay? 

There is a good range of options when it comes to Koh Samui beaches, and this question may be quite tricky to answer. It actually depends on your taste and what exactly you intend to do at the island. Most Koh Samui beaches are excellent places to stay. For instance, Lamai and Chaweng and the most frequently visited beaches, mostly because they have more restaurants, shopping centers and it is also easy to move around. There are also other excellent beaches, but these are usually less crowded and they also have fewer restaurants and shopping centers.

What can I do at Koh Samui? 

Considering that Koh Samui is one of the top tourist destinations in Thai, there are actually a number of activities you can participate in.  From the semi-private sunset cruise tours, boat trips, group sightseeing all the way to the wild jungle safaris-you name it and it will always be there at Koh Samui. If you decide that Koh Samui is the best place to buy a home, there is also a wide range of Koh Samui property to choose from and the good thing is that they are strategically located and affordable too.


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