First Impressions – A Guide To Revitalizing Your Meeting Rooms


In modern-day business in Australia, the office meeting is the company’s one chance, depending on how many times a week you meet, to impart valuable information. Unfortunately, for many businesses having a meeting, or the announcement of one, engenders anxiety and an assortment of emotions associated with enduring a meeting for a few hours. For this reason, having a space that is most conducive to the types of conversations one would see in a meeting is very important.

However, many businesses and their offices do not have the types of meeting rooms that make holding a meeting efficient, which in the end affects their effectiveness. Great meetings rooms make holding a meeting and attending one a good experience. While it might seem costly to renovate meeting rooms, the cost is worth the investment when thinking about the room’s uses.

Continue reading to learn how you can revitalize your office’s meeting rooms to create the best first impression.

Update To Smart Technologies

 Of the many improvements, improving technologies used in the office is one way to refresh a meeting room. Smart stations that have the capabilities to project images with audio onto a flat screen television can make watching a presentation effortless. Smart touch-screens that are a tablet that can be written on can actually help clearly illustrate ideas. Moreover, video-conferencing abilities that allow participants who cannot be in attendance to attend a meeting. Servcorp meeting rooms, for example, include modern technologies that make a meeting room functional.

Updating your meeting rooms to more modern technologies can do a number of things for a meeting. In addition being able to easily manipulate the technologies, it makes it easier for you to incorporate activity-based work into your meetings making them more engaging. Finally, smart technologies make an impressive impression on those attending your meeting.

Update The Meeting Room Organisation

 While your mahogany conference room table makes an imposing impression on visitors, it and its matching wood shelving do little for the space in the room. When renovating your meeting room, keep in mind the use of the space. If it is just for meetings, you want the space to be both practical and comfortable at the same time. As opposed to heavy furnishings, consider opting for furnishings that can be easily moved to adjust to the number of people attending the meeting.

Furthermore, make sure there is enough room to place computer equipment and other technologies in the space comfortably. Any furniture that obstructs the ability of speakers to convey information and participants to listen and see should be removed. Great meeting room space is versatile and functional, even if it does not necessarily reflect a corporate image.

Update Your Office Furniture 

Get creative with meeting room furnishings. If your meeting space has furniture that is dated, you do not necessarily have to throw it away. Instead, find a way to incorporate this furniture by changing the wall colour or adding different accessories. If you must completely redesign the space, consider furniture that is comfortable but lightweight enough, so that if the room has to be rearranged it is not too difficult for people of reasonable strength. For the most part, you want to update the space with furniture that is both comfortable and functional.

Revitalizing With Purpose

 When freshening up a meeting room, pay attention to the details that make the room functional. This functionality is very important when giving presentations to both employees and prospective clients. Ultimately, a beautiful meeting room with furniture resembling a boardroom does little for a presentation when the furniture is not functional, or worse yet, blocks the view of participants.


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