Gadgets on the Go: Top Tech Travel Companions for Busy Business People



Most of us rely on gadgets to make our daily lives a bit easier to manage and keep control over, and if you are a business person who travels regularly, you will want to take advantage of various gadgets on the go.


Whether you want to take advantage of quiet keyboards to work unobtrusively or want to get yourself an arm-share to make your plane journey more comfortable, there are plenty of options that are well worth considering.


No more hotel horrors in the bathroom


There is always likely to be some sort of price to pay for choosing a micro hotel that gets you in under budget, and that price can often be a cramped bathroom where you have barely enough room to stash the toiletries, other than on the toilet lid.


The very thought of that option sucks, so you might want to go for something like the ORGO Lite, which is an expandable portable case, that helps generates its own counter, so you can access your toothbrush and lotions without any worries.


This product won an innovation award and it might just provide a viable solution to using a toilet lid.


Put an end to armrest wrestling


Unless you are turning left when you enter the plane, you are probably destined to go several rounds of armrest wrestling with your neighboring passenger.


Some tech solutions don’t cost that much but provide a great deal more in terms of comfort and solving a problem. The Arm-Share opens up the possibility of giving you all enough room to share the same space and enjoy the flight in a bit more comfort.


Banish local water fears


Traveling to unfamiliar spots around the globe might broaden the mind and help you make new business contacts, but you would not be alone if you had certain concerns about the safety of the drinking water.


Many travelers health tales are centered around contaminated drinking water, which is where a device like the CamelBak All Clear might prove to be a worthwhile purchase.


This product uses state-of-the-art technology that helps to transform any tap of local drinking water into clear natural water, in just sixty seconds. The 0.75 liter bottle is a decent size for personal use and uses rechargeable lithium ion batteries, so that you shouldn’t be left dry, and uses UV light as a way of neutralizing bacteria and viruses.


Looking your best


You know the problem, having traveled all day, you check in and have to head out for a meeting shortly afterwards, only to discover that your clothes haven’t withstood the journey perhaps as well as you have.


Packing the steamfast SF-717, which is billed as the world’s smallest steam iron, will put matters right quicker than room service. You may have to do the work yourself, but the water tank heats up in fifteen seconds, before delivering a 420 watt steam iron that should deal with most wrinkled fabrics.


This bit of tech doesn’t take up hardly any suitcase space at all and it will help you to look your best.


If you are a busy business person, these are just some of the gadgets that can make the day go a bit better and help you to focus on the job rather than anything else.


Jacob Woodward runs a location independent business and is a huge fan of using technology to keep his life, both work and personal, on track. His articles discuss technology, and the apps and tools that you should be using.

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