Google Rescinds 2000 Job Offers

A report released today by the New York Times shows that search giant Google rescinded job offers to thousands of contract workers amid a purported revenue slump. The company blames the coronavirus pandemic (and subsequent global lockdowns) for the ad revenue reduction that is hampering its ability to bring on new contract hires. 

Currently, Google has around 130,000 contract/temp workers and 123,000 full-time employees, so it’s clear they rely heavily on the work of contractors to keep the organization running smoothly. However, the rescission of nearly 2,000 work offers in a time of crisis may make it less attractive to contract and even full-time employees in the future. Cost-cutting measures are to be expected in a time so fraught with uncertainty but a company with the value and “Don’t be evil” philosophy of Google may want to think again before poaching employees – and leaving them high and dry.

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