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My friend, Joel Comm, has been teaching people how to make money with Google since 2004. It’s hard to believe he’s been at it for ten years!

Through his AdSense Secrets ebooks, physically published book The AdSense Code, my training products and live events, he’s has had the privilege of teaching more people about Google AdSense than anyone else on the planet. That’s amazing!

I’m pleased to say that Joel has recently found the best way to make money with Google since AdSense launched a decade ago. And today, we have the privilege of showing you this cutting-edge method that you are going to want to latch onto right away!

It’s called Google Helpouts.

Launched very quietly in November 2013, Google Helpouts offers real help from real people in real time.

Google has put untold millions into building the Google Hangouts infrastructure. This has allowed people to video conference, share screens, create presentations and wear funny hats (yes, it’s true…). It’s cutting-edge technology that is enjoyed by millions.

Now… imagine Google wrapping that technology in an opportunity for people to get help from others in real time… and for savvy business-people to OFFER help to others in real time.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Maybe this will help make it clearer.

Imagine being able to generate leads for free using Google’s free platform. Now imagine CHARGING people for your time using Google’s FREE platform.

Ah, I think you are beginning to understand.

Now, imagine that very few people know about this platform… but they soon will. Ask yourself this question… What would happen if I started offering my expertise using Google Helpouts NOW, before the flood of people who will inevitably discover it?

And there you go. You have just caught wind of something incredible… something amazing… something you do NOT want to miss out on.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been using Google Helpouts. I’ve given a number of helpouts and I’ve researched the technology and features.

Joel Comm along with partner Joshua Writer, is pleased to announce the launch of my new training product, The Paid Expert, which is the very first and most comprehensive training on how to use Google Helpouts to generate FREE leads, enhance your brand, AND make money with Google Helpouts!

This complete member site package is now available at, and I recommend that you go get signed up right away.

hp300x250When you click the link you’ll discover more about what you will receive. I believe that Google Helpouts is going to be wildly successful. Those who get in early are going to have a distinct advantage over those who are late to the game.

I can’t wait to get your feedback on The Paid Expert. And more importantly, I am excited for you to leverage this new Google product to grow your business!

Get signed up for right away.

About Joel Comm

Joel Comm is an Internet pioneer, New York Times Best-selling author, Internationally-known speaker, serial entrepreneur and New Media Marketing Strategist. Doing business on the Internet since 1995, Joel is accomplished in content creation, affiliate marketing, social media, mobile marketing, application development, blogging, authoring books, professional speaking and product creation

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