Halton And Six Other Industry Leaders Are Creating A Platform For Leveraging Real Estate Data

Through the KEKO ecosystem project, leading organisations in their sector are combining their expertise to promote the use of real estate data. Halton, a founding member of KEKO, is contributing its leading expertise in indoor air systems and integrated human-centric lighting solutions to the project. The company aims to safeguard wellbeing in challenging indoor environments by making conditions adaptive to the needs of building users.

Growing urbanisation is creating demand for better management of human-centric indoor environments and the functionality and eco-efficiency of buildings. Various real-estate management systems already provide the supporting data separately. Lack of real-estate data-linking platforms, i.e. ecosystems, has been a major barrier to the best possible development of data-driven property management and smart buildings.

“As the load and demands on real estate grow, an unprecedented amount of diverse property-related data is being generated around the world. However, it is not being used properly,” says Mika Nieminen, Director, Strategy, Business Development & IT at Halton Group.

“By providing actors of all sizes and perspectives with easy access to data through a single platform, we can offer entirely new opportunities to create holistic, human-centric indoor environments that combine smart comfort and safety with environmental friendliness and economy. This is the perfect fit with Halton’s aim of helping to produce the best indoor environments in the world,” he says.

KEKO is a consortium that develops a dynamic and efficient ecosystem around building data. The founding members of the consortium are KONE, Nokia, YIT, Caverion, Halton, VTT and Netox, and the project is funded by Business Finland. The ecosystem was founded in 2019 and the first use cases will be completed during the first part of 2020. www.kekoecosystem.com

Halton Group is a global technology leader in indoor air solutions for demanding commercial and public premises, workspaces, healthcare institutions and laboratories, professional kitchens, ships as well as energy production and industrial environments. Halton’s mission is to provide its end-users with safe, comfortable and productive indoor environments that are energy-efficient and comply with sustainable principles. The company was founded in Finland in 1969. Today, Halton Group employs 1,600 people in 37 countries. The company’s turnover in 2019 was approximately 237 million euros. www.halton.com.

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