Hilarious Gym Photos

Gyms, also known as health clubs, fitness clubs, fitness centers, or health spas are places where patrons go to exercise and build muscle and/or lose fat. Some enter to get bigger, others to get smaller. Nowadays it’s also the place people go to hashtag, Instagram, and check-in on social media.

In our age of vanity, the happenings at a gym, it seems, are well documented based on these photos.

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Dumbell On Dumbells

This is an accident waiting to happen. The worst part about this is that his friend appears to let the young man risk serious injury by lifting weights by standing on weights, in arguably the least secure way imaginable).

Who needs enemies, when you have friends like this? They don’t call them dumbbells for nothing.

Never Skip Leg Day

This guy jacked up his upper half but forgot all about working on the bottom half.

This is why people say you should never skip leg day. And to think, people say you should always lift with your legs. Perhaps it doesn’t apply when you have “chicken legs”.

We Can Fix That For You, Sir

This makeshift gym, possibly located within a cheap hotel, didn’t realize its ceilings weren’t high enough once you account for the treadmill.

Luckily, some bright spark found a way to accommodate patrons of all sizes by simply removing a tile from the ceiling. The employee of the year?


A gym which needs an escalator is like a carpark that needs a bicycle lane.

We would understand if there was a lift perhaps for disabled persons, however, needing not one but two escalators at the entrance to the gym is redundant, to say the least.

How Cathletic!

What’s new pussycat? As much as we respect the comfort and versatility of wrestling singlets, the graphic here couldn’t look less harmless. What is the message the wearer wishes to give others?

Apparently, the comfort of wearing spandex/lycra, or nylon wasn’t enough, so this gentleman wanted something which reminded them of something even more fluffy.

Squeezing In A Workout

This lady probably has very little spare time during the day so lacked the minutes to go home and change before/after her workout prior to going out with her friends or on a date.

However, this didn’t stop her from being sneaking in a few minutes on the treadmill before her rendezvous out and about. Now that’s commitment!

Tread At Your Own Risk

We certainly have to give this guy points for using the treadmill creatively. However, he clearly has little sense for hygiene, eating these snacks off where people place their shoes.

Although we have to admit, this would be a fun game to play for those of us who aren’t germophobic.

Never Miss The News

This guy got a call from one of his friends saying his house was on the news while he was getting changed.

Instead of getting dressed, he left the changing rooms with nothing but some shorts and a towel wrapped around his waist, sans top, to stand on the treadmill watch it all go up in smoke.

Sleepless In Seattle

We don’t really know where this picture was taken, but obviously, this guy comes here to rest.

I’d hate to know what goes on in his home.

Pink Is The New Black

You might think that black makes you thinner, well this woman here will disagree. Pink makes her thinner, especially when you work out with a pink suit and pink equipment.

Walk This Way

A treadmill has a few functions, which can be summed up by two words:

Walking and running. What this woman is trying to do is beyond us. Reverse training maybe?

“I Can Do… D’Oh!”

This fella wanted to impress his buddies at the gym claiming he could lift more than them.

dailymotion / Gym Fails Compilation Gym Idiots- April 2019

He almost had it until the last part of the lift when he realized he had got himself more than he could handle. If you look at it another way, the barbell is knocking him down a peg or two. But seriously, we hope he was okay after this misadventure.

I Wanted To Use The Equipment, Actually

Many ladies will be looking to find a singlet like this. There is nothing worse than being disturbed while you’re focused on your workout regimen.

There’s a time and a place, gentlemen. Needless to say, it goes both ways, ladies.

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