Hiring an Adviser for Your Company’s Financials


Hiring a financial adviser can make or break the future of your company. Of course, hiring a good adviser will ensure that you are set up for success in the future; however, on the other hand, if you hire a bad adviser your company will not be able to recover from the devastation very easily. Here are ways to ensure that you hire the right adviser. There are some lawyerslike, for example Bolinske Law, that will ensure that you are back on the track of success should a bad adviser be hired.

Say No To Cold Calls

If you receive a call from an adviser that offers you promises of a beautiful future that they can offer you by taking over your financials, tell them no. Good advisers do not have to look for clients. You will need to seek your adviser and never fall for one that comes to you. They will either be new, horrible, or it could possible be a scam. One thing is for sure, no matter the reason for the cold call, you can assume that your company’s financials are in the wrong hands with the adviser that calls you. Stick with someone you already know or have been put into contact with by a client of his or hers.

Visit Their Office and Do Research

You will need to do a little research in order to make sure that the adviser is who they say they are with the appropriate credentials, even if you were given their contact information. It is best that you set up an appointment at the office to ensure that he or she has a physical location. Check out any certificates that are on the wall. Make note of how busy their office is and check out anything else that will give you evidence of their competence.

Questions a Good Adviser Asks

A good adviserwill ask you all of these questions. He or she will not just ask one of these questions, but he or she will ask them all. You can find more information about financials on <a href=”http://www.forbes.com/investing/“Forbes</a>.

  • Do you have any health issues?
  • Are you responsible for any elderly?
  • Are there any major purchases that need to be made?
  • Do you have a plan for retirement in place?
  • Have you obtained insurance?
  • Do you have any college funds for your children?


You will be able to find out any fees for their services up front. The prices will not be adjusted or discussed later, unless that is what you wish. He or she will never ask for a check or pay up front. This is a sign that this adviser is either a bad adviser or a scammer. Payment options and even commission could be offered.


Your financial adviser should have consistent communication with you. If you find they are not contacting you on a regular basis, then they are not doing their job. He or she should have you on speed dial. He or she will ensure that lines of communication are open both ways, not just them calling you.



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