How Effective are Social Media Channels for Your Business? Ask These 5 Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial landscape is being shaped by a pack of top tier social media tycoons. These talented individuals have the business acumen and the social flare to infuse dynamism, excitement, and ingenuity into their burgeoning ventures. By drumming up interest on social media, these industry leaders have conjured up an adoring fan base. The global business environment is undergoing tremendous change. Disruptive industries are shaking the very foundations of established enterprise, fuelling new markets and encouraging demand with new products and services. B2B and B2C services are springing up at a rate of knots, and it’s largely thanks to a handful of digital-savvy log leaders that this is all happening.

Who Are These Disruptive Forces?

  1. Mark Pincus may not be a name that immediately jumps out at people, but he is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Zynga. Before his pyrrhic fall from grace, Mark Pincus was the Game King . He listed his company Zynga on the NASDAQ, and associated with tech titans in the form of Reid Hoffman and Mark Zuckerberg. However, by 2013, Pincus relinquished his role as CEO, amid a massive downturn in the company’s profitability. Now 52 years old, Mark Pincus has recovered from the economic flux and has a net worth of $1.5 billion. Among his many achievements at Zynga are popular social gaming apps Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Words with Friends. Pincus was also an early investor in other social media giants – Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Mikita Mikado is the chief executive officer and co-founder of PandaDoc. Based out of San Francisco California, the CEO is renowned for his entrepreneurial flair. He has founded 4 organizations, and his whole raison d’être is helping other businesses run. His company, PandaDoc was recently accepted into inc5000, and he continues to use social media to leverage his brand and communicate with his followers and adopters. He has raised millions of dollars for his company with this series of investments, and generated millions more in revenues.
  3. Russell Ruffino is the brain behind Clients on Demand. His business provides easy steps for other businesses to learn how to attract new clientele. The 2018 rank of Clients on Demand is #575. The company generated revenues of $9.3 million in 2017 with a 3-year growth of 884%. Based out of Glendale California, this organization now employs over two dozen people, and remains a top company according to Ruffino has an active presence on social media, where he is a rising star on YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. His YouTube channel provides useful info for generating revenues, and offering entrepreneurial insights into new-age business systems and methodology.
  4. Reid Hoffman needs no introduction to anyone with a business profile on social media site LinkedIn. As the chairman and co-founder of LinkedIn, he has a 2018 net worth of $1.8 billion. His business savvy is not limited to matching employers with employees; he’s a venture capitalist and an acclaimed author too. Like so many other tech titans, Hoffman also invested early in Facebook, PayPal and other important tech start-ups which have disrupted entrenched enterprise around the world. He is regularly featured on social media platform YouTube, where his videos garner thousands of views from avid enthusiasts.
  5. Evan Carmichael is one of the most influential modern-day social leaders. His YouTube channel features 1,629,592 subscribers, and he delivers new videos daily. Evan Carmichael describes himself as wanting to solve the world’s biggest problem: uncapped human potential. He is based out of Canada, and his YouTube channel has garnered over 225 million views, making him a power player, influencer, social master of change, and an educator. Evan Carmichael runs one of the most successful business blogs on record, and routinely interviews top-tier business minds like David Meltzer, Tony Robbins, the erstwhile Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Abdul Kalam, and scores of others.

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