How One Family is Out to Change the Way You Clean Your Home

Therapy Clean is revolutionizing the cleaning aisle, one surface at a time

SOMERSWORTH, NH – (July 20, 2021) – Ironically, for something with the word “stainless” in it, most people quickly learn that stainless steel surfaces are actually a challenge to keep clean. That’s exactly what happened with one family in New Hampshire when Anne Ruozzi, working mother of two, experienced buyer’s remorse following the installation of stainless steel appliances. After finding only products filled with toxic solvents she went to her husband, who has chemistry knowledge, and asked for help on making her own safe stainless steel cleaner. And the rest, as they say, is history.

“Sometimes when you have issues, it can be a blessing in disguise, and that’s exactly what happened here,” explains Anne Ruozzi, co-founder of Therapy Clean, a company manufacturing a line of plant-based specialty cleaning products. “With two small children our new stainless steel refrigerator was constantly covered in fingerprints. I grew so frustrated that I finally asked my husband if he could help create something that actually worked – and that’s really when Therapy Clean was conceived.”

The company’s first product, Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish is the brainchild of Ruozzi’s husband, James Dudra “the formulator”. With a background in creating automotive cleaning products, he developed a product which was not only highly effective, but also relied on bio-based ingredients.

“We knew that many eco-friendly products had a stigma of not delivering on their performance claims” added James Dudra, co-founder of Therapy Clean. “I realized we could develop a product which outperformed conventional brands, while also being safe for families to use.”

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Since then, the company has expanded its product line for other surfaces that are notoriously difficult to clean including: wood and cabinet, granite and stone, tub and tile, and glass cooktop. Understanding that consumers today are more savvy when it comes to cleaning products, the company has pursued third party certifications to “walk the talk” on its products. Subsequently two of their formulas have received certification from the USDA BioPreferred Program. In addition, they were recently certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny.

With a full line of products, the family is now on a mission to change the way people clean their specialty surfaces. In fact, there are a lot of good reasons to switch to plant-based cleaners. Cleaning products that contain harmful ingredients can contribute to such things as asthma, respiratory illnesses, headaches, microbiome unbalance, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, skin and eye irritation, and much more.

The products can be purchased online at and the Therapy Clean website, as well as other retailers’ sites. Their products can also be found in over 50 independent specialty stores nationwide. To get more information, visit the site:

About Therapy Clean

Therapy Clean was founded in 2017 by a married couple, Anne Ruozzi and James Dudra. She was frustrated at not being able to find a stainless steel cleaner that she wanted to use that actually worked following a home remodeling project. She asked her husband for insight on how to make one herself, and the rest is history. The line of plant-based specialty surface cleaners has been rapidly increasing in sales online and in retail stores. To get more information, visit the site:

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