How to Ensure your Business Runs Smoothly through the Summer Holidays


So the summer is quickly approaching, and you are eager to take the well needed time off. Perhaps you desire to go and enjoy cool Pacific breezes under the bright sunlight of Hawaii. However, you are not sure if it’s possible to make still sure your business runs smoothly while you are away.

Well, it’s common. There are many sacrifices business people and entrepreneurs make in the first couple of years in business including not paying themselves or even using their dining table as the office desk. Nevertheless, despite the many corners you have to cut along the way, the answer to whether you can have a great holiday while your business is still running is a resounding yes thanks to the receptionist managed phone service.

  1. Receive calls from your office number all over the world

By setting up a call scheduling and forwarding rules for your company, you will make sure when a client calls your office they talk to you even if you are thousands of miles away. At times when you can’t be reached entirely, you can make arrangements for the calls to be diverted to an employee or colleague during the hours you have set. This way you will not miss out on the requirements of your clients, and you will be able to serve them just like you would when in the office.

  1. Prepare your workload

There is a probability your vacation has been in the pipeline for some time. This gives you adequate time to ensure your affairs are in order before you escape your daily grind. However, you might need to work for extra hours as your break nears.

  1. Prepare your employees

It’s necessary your employees know you will be away for some time before you leave. So inform them ahead of your holiday. Ensure they know the most important things they need to take care off. Set up protocols that will help them solve any issue that may arise while you are away. If you are planning to get in touch with them once in a while when you are on holiday, you don’t want this to eat up your relaxation time. Therefore make sure they are available for a chat on your spare time.

  1. Delegate duties

Make sure you delegate duties you can’t do remotely to several of them according to their ability. It can be logging accounts in a spreadsheet, conducting a lead follow up or monitoring digital marketing. Ensure to leave a document containing instructions of what needs to be done. This will reduce the number of times they will be calling for clarification or a reminder on what needs to be done in a certain area. This will benefit not just you but both.

  1. Plan your holiday

Every person should go for a holiday. So as an entrepreneur or business owner you ought to. There are many advantages of taking some time off to relax. Among them is improved health and well-being. Therefore because you have to, plan of time. This will ensure there are no critical business tasks scheduled to be done on your holiday days. If you have some project that you will be doing once you are back, create some time and do the ground work before you leave. This will make your mind relaxed once you are away. On the last week, if you can get some extra time, do some advance work. This will soften your arrival from the holiday.

  1. Give your customers a trustable phone number

The receptionist Mobile app allows you to make outbound calls with your mobile phone no matter where you are and the call recipient will see the popular office number appear on their phone. This helps you give confidence to your clients and maintain a professional presence.

  1. Use a Virtual Receptionist to Stay On

Probably you will be going to a very remote region where to hear the person at the other end of the phone line is a real struggle. An eReceptionist transcribes and emails you all voice mails you receive when you are not able to take a call. After all the information you need is conveyed in a readable text form, you can respond to any issue fast and efficiently.

  1. Allow a short time for checking mails

Checking mails all the time leads to increased stress. This is normally the case during the many hours you are in the office. When you are out on vacation, you don’t want stress. So don’t check mails all the time. Allow some short window for checking mails probably in the morning about one hour. This way you will avoid being caught up in a real time problem.

Now Relax

Getting your business through the summer holidays is easy when you plan as early as possible. Together with the help of an eReceptionist, you will be able to run the business just as you would while you enjoy the sun.



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