How To Live Well With A Heart Condition


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 If you or someone close to you has recently been diagnosed with a heart problem, you’re probably feeling a little worried. However, whilst a heart condition is certainly cause for concern, millions of people are diagnosed with it and millions people then go on to live out full lives in total happiness. Yes, you do need to make some changes, but they don’t all have to be as negative as you may think. Here’s how you can fix up your lifestyle and not let that heart condition hold you back.

Fixing up your diet

 A few changes are going to have to be made to your eating habits. If you’ve already got high cholesterol or diabetes, then it’s likely your recently diagnosed heart condition is linked. You main goal should be to cut the fat and the salt. Eat more vegetables and healthy carbs such as pasta and potatoes. If you’re a drinker, cutting out the alcohol may be advised. Try cutting down to a couple a week at first and see where you go from there. Taking steps to limit caffeine is also advised. And whilst not a food, it’s important to note that smoking and drugs need to be knocked on the head too.

Staying active

 Having a heart problem isn’t a reason to be a couch potato. Whilst you may be advised against overly strenuous activity, staying active can actually be healthy for a bad heart, helping to improve blood flower, lower blood pressure and strengthen heart muscles. Talk to a health adviser that can find the best exercises for you.

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Limiting stress

 Stress is one of the biggest causes of heart problems. Taking measures to manage your stress, whether that be counselling or reducing your responsibilities, is advised. If you’re job is accountable you should really consider finding something else, or taking on less hours. A cut in your paycheck is worth the extra years added onto your life.

Taming with tech

 If you’d already has a heart attack, you could be liable for another. For use in an emergency, it could be worth investing in one of Foremost Medical Equipment’s AEDs. Apps such as AliveCor meanwhile can be used to monitor your heartbeat and detect atrial fibrillation before it turns into something more dangerous. Those few extra minutes could help you to get the emergency care you need.

Giving yourself rewards

 Having to make cutbacks to your lifestyle can be depressing. It’s best to make changes in stages, setting yourself realistic targets. Cut out one thing at a time – if you make your target allow yourself a treat. The odd cake or glass of wine as a reward to yourself isn’t going to do any harm. As long as these treats don’t cause you to sink back into bad habits (for example, a glass of wine resulting in a boozing session) then they could in fact be healthy for your psyche.

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