How to Use Thank-You Notes to Grow Your Online Business

Do you want to make your online business stand apart from your competitors? The vast usage of email and social media communications has made it easy to communicate with customers all over the map.

However, if you really want to grow your business, consider sending a proper thank-you note. A simple, personalized note can develop your business relationships in an authentic way that an email could never match. Follow these tips to learn how you can use thank you notes to grow your online business.

Draw Your Customer’s Attention

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If your current and potential customers have one thing in common, it is that their email inbox is filled from top to bottom with newsletters, sales pitches, and all other kinds of marketing emails. Imagine your thank-you note mixed in with all these messages — it will likely become lost in the shuffle.

What doesn’t get ignored so easily is a form of communication that stands the test of time and stands out more than ever because of the technological age we live in. Think about the last time you received a letter written with actual ink on a nice card or sheet of stationery. The memory probably evokes a positive feeling about the sender because they took the time to write you personally. Use handwritten thank-you notes to create a bond with your customers.

Personalize Your Thank-You Notes

Every customer has their own needs and challenges in life, so addressing them personally will give you a distinct advantage over a printed form letter that mass marketers might send to thousands of people.

When writing your thank-you note, think about your interactions with that person — detail why you are thankful for their business, and compliment them on something related to your business.

Keep Your Thank-You Brief and Specific

Unlike other letters, a thank-you note should be quick, to the point, and follow specific guidelines to maximize your low word count.

Begin your thank-you note with a warm greeting and make certain to address your customer by name, so they know that you had them in mind when writing the letter. Follow the greeting with an immediate expression of gratitude — articulating the reason why you have sent them the note in the first place — and maintain this positive tone through the rest of the letter.

After thanking them, you can use the remaining room on your thank-you note to mention a specific detail about your relationship that will affirm positive feelings. Then let them know that you look forward to your future interactions with them.

You can then finish your letter in reverse order of how you started, by restating your feelings of thankfulness, and cap it off with warm regards and your signature.

While it’s important for any online business to stay up to date with the latest in technological trends, sending out a thank you note is just as effective today as it was in previous generations. Take the time today to develop your business relationships with your gratefulness.

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