In the Market for a Job? Check out the Top Industries in 2016

If you are looking for a job and haven’t quite decided what field of work you’d like to be in, why not check out the top performing industries in 2016? One thing you can usually be sure of is that when an industry is growing quickly, there will always be a need for entry level employees and with a bit of ambition, you could work while studying for a degree like those offered by USD Online, the University of South Dakota, and with a flexible schedule you can excel at both.

Learn to master your trade and get that degree that qualifies you for greater responsibility and, of course, a higher wage. According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mix of the top industries should make it possible for you to find something that interests you.


Here is somewhere you might begin your quest for a job because there are literally thousands of entry level careers within the realm of manufacturing. From back end production to front end office and sales, there is always someplace to start to get your foot in the door. As of Q4 from 2015, the manufacturing industry contributes more than $2 trillion into the US economy and it is projected that this year’s tally will top that. There are almost 18 million jobs in the manufacturing industry so if you are sincere in looking for a job, surely you can find one with perhaps 120,000 yet to be filled?

Financial Sector

The financial sector is booming again since the economy has largely recovered from the Great Recession and now that people are back to work and their credit scores are climbing once again, loans are being underwritten once again and major lenders are faring well. Fortunately, this particular sector rewards effort so once you have an entry level position and are willing to work towards increasing your knowledge, you can grow along with the industry. No, it isn’t back where it had been prior to 2008, but the financial industry has taken great strides towards recovery and forecasts indicate continued growth through Q4 of this year as well as into the next.

Healthcare & Health Technology

Healthcare is a huge industry within the United States even though many prophets of doom and gloom predicted otherwise prior to the Affordable Care Act. Actually, the industry is still growing even though there are some wrinkles to be ironed out. ACA has really done little to lower the cost of healthcare for payers but the mandated insurance has made healthcare more available to consumers. In fact, it’s mandated by law if you meet certain requirements. This industry is one of the fastest growing, and with the latest statistics in from Q2 of this year, it has taken over the lead as the fastest growing industry in the USA. By some reports it has surpassed manufacturing as the number one industry in the United States for last year, 2015.

What you are looking for when trying to decide on a career path is something that interests you so that you will want to grow in your job as well as in an industry with staying power throughout any bumps in the economy. Find a job where education and effort are rewarded and you can begin working your way up the corporate ladder. Remember, the key to personal growth is industry growth, so choose an industry slated to continue growing and you will be on the right path.

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