Investing in Rare Cards  


For major collectors and beginners alike, rare cards are a gem among gems, growing in value with each passing day. Owners of Honus Wagner cards don’t need to be told that they’ve made an excellent investment; they know exactly what their property is worth. And often, the memories attached to such a prize are worth even more than the monetary value. Baseball cards, gaming cards, the genre matters little. Worldwide, there are fans of every type, seeking the rarest cards available. But what are the best ones to look for? How does one care for these cards once they come into possession? Making sure these rare cards stay in good condition is essential for preserving the value over the years.

Where to Find Rare Cards

The first trick to collecting rare cards of any kind is knowing where to find them. Specialty shops are a good place to start, but they might not always have the specific card a buyer needs. With the advancement of technology, the internet has become a base for more than just fast communication. If a thing exists, there is a niche for it, and collector edition cards are no different. Auction websites are an excellent place to begin a search. Often, cards come in a group. Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, baseball, football – all have their categories. Collecting the entire set can often add more value to the collection. If the goal is to make money, though, be careful of emotional attachment to the card, and be sure to take excellent care so the value does not drop.

How to Care for Rare Cards

Most importantly, cards should be kept in a protective sleeve of some kind. Whether this protection comes from an individual sleeve or a storage book, the cover will keep dirt, water, and other debris from settling on, scratching, or eating away at the surface of the card. It is also advisable to keep the card away from prolonged time in direct sunlight. The rays have a way of forcing color to fade, and if this is allowed to happen to rare cards, the value will drop. High humidity can also be damaging to the cards. Finding a place in the home that is airy and dry will ensure a longer life and a greater preservation of the highest quality possible.

Rare cards can reach prices of astounding height. One individual spent upwards of $27,000 on a rare vintage, first edition Black Lotus Magic The Gathering card that is no longer available as a playing card. Even for those who use their cards, either to share their collection with others or to participate in tournaments, can buy and sell Magic: The Gathering cards in a variety of online and in store venues. Rare baseball cards can also earn a seller substantial sums. Honus Wagner is valued at more than two million dollars. Mickey Mantle, Ty Cobb and Shoeless Joe Jackson are also excellent finds in the rare card world. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned card collector, finding these rare gems can be as fun and adventurous as any treasure hunt. With the proper care and attention, the value of these items will only rise. For investment or pleasure, rare cards should certainly be high on a collector’s list of considerations.

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