Is All That Shines Gold?


In times of economic uncertainty, many people turn to gold. However, a newbie who does a quick Google search on “gold investment” would get inundated with millions of hits. The sheer amount of information available online is simply too intimidating and overwhelming. It is indeed a huge challenge to distinguish legitimate gold dealers like Birch Gold Group from the countless other hacks who are aiming to scam investors of their hard-earned money. Naturally, due diligence is required when it comes to investing in anything, but there are several ways one can protect oneself from getting fleeced by unscrupulous con artists.

Different Types of Gold Investment Scams

Scams relating to gold investment have existed ever since gold was discovered by humanity. The rule of thumb is if it seems too good to be true, it is probably a trap designed to separate your money from your wallet. Some scammers operate pyramid schemes by pretending to be selling investment programs backed by gold. Others are actually fronts for money laundering for criminal organizations. There are also those who claim to be selling (non-existent) gold mining companies’ shares, as well as those who are brazen enough to sell fake gold bullions and coins.

The Power of Customer Reviews

One good and easy way to check whether a gold dealer is legitimate is to see what other customers are saying about it. Thanks to the internet, it is really easy for any unhappy customer to voice out his/her displeasure online. This is why potential customers check out review sites before they make any moves, be it about picking a restaurant, traveling to a foreign country for a holiday, making an online purchase, or starting an investment. A company that has an excellent online reputation in the form of an A+ ranking from the BBB(Better Business Bureau), like Birch Gold Group, puts potential clients’ minds at ease and increases their confidence that they will be in good hands. Customer review sites act just like word-of-mouth communication, but with the power of the internet, are able to multiply their efficiency and effectiveness thousands of times.

Gold is Still One of the Safest Investments

In a globalized world that sees volatility in currency exchanges, commodity prices and inflation, gold remains an attractive investment pick. Indeed, gold has held up its value for thousands of years due to its unique properties and characteristics. Gold is valuable as jewelry, coins, bars, food and drink additive, and even has industrial purposes. In times of crisis and emergency like a natural disaster or terrorist attack, gold remains trusted by all. Many people now invest in gold to hedge against any uncertainties that could spring up. Unsurprisingly, the high interest in the yellow metal has given rise to many scams looking to take advantage of honest, hardworking investors. One of the surest way to protect oneself from these fraudsters is to make sure that a gold dealer, like Birch Gold Group, is not only legitimate, but is excellent in what it claims to offer. Happy investing!

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