Is Getting More Sleep During the Winter Really Necessary?

Feeling tired, sluggish, and just unmotivated as soon as the seasons change? These are not unusual feelings. A lot of people experience what has commonly been called Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months. There is less sunshine and the days are shorter, so people naturally feel the need to sleep more in the winter months. But is extra sleep during the winter really necessary or beneficial?

Top 5 Tips to Help You Sleep

There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to whether or not more sleep is actually needed or helpful during the winter months. There is some evidence to support both sides, and every person will be a little different. Everyone can learn more about sleep during the winter and decide whether or not they could benefit from getting some extra sleep. Here are some of the pros and cons of whether or not extra sleep in the winter is beneficial.

Sleep issues are more common in the winter

A lot of people suffer from sleep issues all year long. However, sleep issues can be more common in the winter time, causing more restless sleep, and in turn, causing a person to need extra sleep because of it. Issues like sleep apnea and indoor allergies can be exacerbated by winter weather, making it more difficult for people to get a full night’s rest. Everyone suffering from these issues should use CPAPMan or look into Sleep apnea disorder treatment to help them get better sleep each night of the year. If you or your loved one suffers from sleep apnea, make sure to set an appointment with a sleep doctor for sleep apnea treatment.

Despite the fact that the days are shorter in the winter, there is often less exposed sunlight outside in the winter. This lack of sunshine actually does make people feel more tired and lazy during the winter. This is usually due to a lack of vitamin D, so anyone can fix this by taking an extra vitamin supplement to make up for the deficiency.

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Shorter days do not need to mean less productivity

Often, because the days are shorter, people feel the need to lighten their load and take on fewer tasks in the winter. The truth is that every day can still be just as productive as it was in the winter months. There is no reason to scale back just because the sun is setting earlier. Additionally, starting a new, stimulating task can help people feel more energized every day in the winter.

Differentiate between SAD and depression

The side effects of SAD and depression are very similar to some. This can become a very big issue. No one should disregard there depression and assume that it is only SAD until they know for sure. People who are suffering from depression should get themselves the help they need to make every winter day a little better.

Stay active to get more restful sleep

Many people are very active in the summer months when the weather is nice, but let that side of themselves hibernate during the winter. It is always important to stay active not only for good health, but also to stay energized and alert during the day. If you find that even after sleeping you don’t seem to rest too well, you should let your physician know as you might need treatment for sleep apnea. As you can imagine, this condition can have repercussions over time, so let them know as soon as you start to suspect something might be happening.

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