IT In Changing Africa

There are number of awesome IT companies in Africa, just like in any other part of the world. With the aid of the availability of the computer and internet in the current Digital Age, quite a number of barriers that normally affect conventional businesses have been eliminated. Because of this, it is now as simple to create a website or architectural plans from a village in Africa or a city in USA. The entrance to the international business enabled many IT organizations to grow, chiefly through outsourcing. Still, African businessman did not end there- a lot of businessmen developed their own brands.

Jumia Africa

At times going out to shopping malls as well as different markets to get products and services is wearing. Nevertheless, technology has done well in this sector. At the moment, there are several online shopping malls that offer nice products and services. One example that has participated in availing online business in Africa is Jumia Africa. Actually, you can purchase products of your choice and pay for vital services at manageable costs. It offers reliable online business. The platform was developed in Africa. This platform also gives discounts and after sale services all that in an attempt to boost sales and build customer loyalty. The after sale services comprise voucher that forms mutual gains between the organization and its clients and free delivery too.

Online Gambling Business

Gambling is more developed in Africa than in other regions. The reason for the increase in the online gambling business in Africa can be attributed to the availability of the online means of payment in casinos. In this case, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are the very significant betting markets on the region. As per the PWC, in 2018, the casino gross gambling revenues in the above three countries collectively will sum up to R20.8 billion (USD2.0 billion) which is a 4.7% year-long rise from 2013.

Say Hello

Product and services marketing is not a simple job. Particularly when you are not conversant with your target marketplace. Luckily, there are several digital programs that can help you to avoid the hard work that can be brought about by the product promotion. Say Hello is dedicated to assisting diverse brands to get their intended market smoothly. It benefits from an adequate digital and brand marketing plan, to aid brand owners to join with their clients.

This is the most effective South African comparison website. It enables you to match South Africa’s top brands for you to clearly find out which one fits you. This task is accomplished within the quickest time possible, allowing you to save some cash.

Technology Pioneers in 2018

BitPesa (currency exchange) and CarePay (health financing) both from Kenya as well as WaystoCap of Morocco (goods trading) recently featured in the list of the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer for 2018.

The e-commerce challenges in Africa.

Even as Africa continues to strive towards doing greater in the e-commerce, there are many challenges as indicated by the New Yorker. These include the frequent power outage and the issue of a big number of potential customers that are not online


Africa is known for shipping intelligent and trained people to advanced nations. Internet age is giving an opportunity for Africans to remain and stay in Africa as they export their expertise to the world. Estimating from the businesses cited in this article, an economic inflation in digital business is now so near and going forward from that there will be no limit. IT is doing something that all politicians in the world were never able to do, it’s chaning Africa.


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