Keeping Your Office Cool Without Burning Up Your Bank Account


Summertime is literally around the corner and, for the East Coast, it could not come sooner. These bouts of cold temperatures have seemed to be never-ending. Finally we’re shedding our outerwear and layers and are thinking about putting on some fun summer wear. While you and your employees are hitting the gym and prepping physically, it would also be a smart move to make sure that all other areas in your life and business are summer ready too. Do yourself a favor and stay ahead of the game by taking preventative measures to make sure you do not get caught up in the heat unprepared. Here are four money saving tips to keep you, your employees, and your bank account cool.

1. Hydration

It should not come as a surprise that keeping hydrated during the hot months is particularly key. Drinking an adequate amount of water daily helps maintain your body balanced and keeps it functioning on all cylinders. Water also helps your body regulate its temperature when the heat is out in full force. Ensure that you and your employees have easy access to cool water. A great way to make this happen is by keeping a water bottle with you. You can even buy a case of them and hand them out to your employees. Then, sign up for a water delivery service so that they have cool and safe water to pour into those bottles during the day and before they leave for their commutes home. The water delivery will count as a business expense and it will save you and your employees money that might have been spent buying overpriced bottles of water at the store.

2. Take a Cold Shower

Cold showers take the heat off in more ways than one. Electing to take a quick cold shower in place of the normal hot shower will assist in regulating your body temperature during the humid summer months. It also gives your utility bill a break by conserving your hot water heater. Get your morning started with a burst of energy by embracing a cold shower. In addition, cold showers have additional perks that help with better circulation, great looking skin, healthier hair, and improved mental health.

Obviously you and your employees are not going to be showering at work. You can, though, encourage employees to rinse their hands in cool water regularly throughout the day. Running cool water over your hands on a hot day is a great way to get the effect of a cooler shower without having to take a full one. You can also provide misting bottles of cold water to your employees for them to keep at their desks when they need a “refresher” during the day.

3. A/C Repair

Don’t wait until you actually need to turn it on to find out if your air conditioner is working correctly. Having a broken A/C unit happens more than you think, and the cost of drops in productivity due to uncomfortable employees. In the worst cases, if you lose control and temperatures rise into the 90’s you could lose up to 15% of productivity.

Beyond that, preventative maintenance is often less costly than waiting for something to go wrong. To ensure that the cost for maintenance and repair stays affordable, Airdex Inc  recommends that you contact an air conditioning service repair company early and before the demand gets too high. Getting quality workmanship and customer service you can appreciate should be important for you as well. Do your research when it comes to finding a repair company; you will appreciate it.

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen has several amazing benefits. It protects you from the heat, while also helping your body maintain a comfortable temperature. When your pores are sunburned, they are less helpful at keeping you cool. Avoid a meltdown by protecting your skin from the sun. Luckily for us, sunscreen is a cost-effectively friendly purchase, so look up some of the top sunscreen products for this summer. You can cool down and avoid the horrors of sunburn altogether. Hand out little travel sized bottles of sunscreen or those packets of sunscreen wipes to your employees so they won’t be caught without it!

Another great way to protect yourself, your employees and your customers from the sun is to have some sun shading installed on the windows of your shop or office. Sun shade is an opaque film that you spread on your windows to block UV rays while still allowing light in to your space. The film can also reduce the temperature inside your work space which, in turn, will reduce your cooling bills.

We are all looking forward to the warmer months ahead. After battling what seemed like the worst winter ever, the heat is especially welcomed. While you and your employees want to have as much fun as possible, be sure to keep cool. Staying hydrated, taking cold showers, having a working a/c, and applying sunscreen are just a few simple and money saving ways to keep your summer cool. What’s cooler than saving a few bucks in the summertime? Quit throwing away money you could be saving by using these tips today.


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