Living Your Dream Life


Bert Martinez: Today on the show, we have Diane Leilani Cline. Diane Cline is a spiritual coach, a business coach, international teacher, and speaker, founder, not of 1, not of 2, but of 3 different companies, including Yoga Inspirations, Mermaid LLC Aloha Sedona Temple. She has taught over 14,000 people given over 116 retreats. She encourages people like you and I to live the life of our dreams Diane Cline. Welcome.

Diane Leilani Cline: Thank you, Bert. So good to see you. Yeah. I’m just super passionate about helping people to live their dreams And, as you can imagine, with teaching so many over and over, I have so many people that are inspired by the life I live. And they maybe aspire to that, and they just don’t know how to get the foundation to reach that level.

Bert Martinez: Well, what’s you know, what’s interesting is, I think, what people don’t understand and sometimes I failed to re-understand or remind myself is that that the universe, God, however you wanna phrase it, once you are clear as to what you want, you know, a lot of the obstacles and excuse has just melted away. And I think most people have issue number 1. They truly don’t know what they want. They have bits and pieces of what they want. And then  2, a  lot of people are held back by fear or limiting beliefs I know that you work with limiting beliefs quite a bit, but I think that that’s my takeaway is that, a, we forget to understand that the universe can give us what we want, but we have to be clear. We gotta take action. And again, it’s those limiting beliefs that really causes us to play small?

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Diane Leilani Cline: Absolutely. So identifying what the belief is, to get to that level of abundance and living the life of your dreams. So many people, the clarity. Absolutely. That’s number one getting clear. But even if they are clear, because Again, I just love it that you and I are on a parallel path. You know, I live in both Kauai and Arizona as do you would to recently launched that for yourself. So, you know, it’s getting clear. Let’s say, we’ll just use that example. Somebody wanted to either have homes in both places or live in both places and that immediately what comes up. 

So once they have the clarity on, oh, they where I’d wanna be, then what immediately comes up is what we call the negative mind, which is all the reasons that they can’t. You know, even so many people now are working remotely. And, you know, I called it COVID college because it was an opportunity to either you know, to totally free yourself. 

So now with so many people working remotely, and then there’s these other limitations and the limitations are all self-made. And usually they’re the limitations of the mind. So when you get out of the mind and you can understand, most of some of those things apply to something called the false sense of responsibility. There are real responsibilities that we have. Absolutely. So, you know, if you have children still in school, maybe you’re not able to move your kids and your whole family, but there’s an opportunity to start out small. So let’s say if somebody did want a second home, wherever it is, Hawaii, Costa Rica, maybe they usually take a 1 week island vacation there. Maybe they can start with 2 weeks and then expand it to 4 weeks. And that’s what I did with Thailand. It took me years to allow myself 4 weeks in thailand just because we have these other limitations. 

And then when we start to open up our mind and allow ourselves that opportunity to live our own dream, then the limitations start to fall away. And it is great if you have a mentor or a partner to do that with so you can dream the dream together like, hey, how are we limiting ourselves here?

Bert Martinez: So let me ask you this. In the intro, I  introduced you as a spiritual healer. What exactly is a spiritual healer? How do you help people in that area?

Diane Leilani Cline: I help people using a couple different modalities. So, when we were in person or we could also do it in Zoom, it would be kundalini yoga as it has been my base for 27 years. So kundalini yoga and meditation is five thousand years old, and we have over 700 yoga sets and 700 meditations. 

So let’s say someone came to me with a specific need, because that’s what I do with the private sessions is they would pick one topic. And let’s say their topic was their health, and let’s say it was related to their lymph glands . So I would actually use a series of modalities giving them a specific yoga sequence for helping the physical body with the lymph glands. 

In addition to that, we’d be going into the belief system, or we have something called shamanic tracking. And what that means is we go back and we discover, hey, you know, you weren’t born with this. When did this issue come about? So we can do some shamanic tracking and see so the person can take full responsibility for why that’s going on in their life, and then we can clear it. 

So it’d be kundalini yoga, meditations, sound healing, working with a belief system and basically giving the person a new pair of glasses. And I think this is really important and needs to be said, when I’m working with people, what I’m doing is I’m actually holding a space for their highest self to come through. 

And that whenever hearsay each other the difference between a 2 healer or someone that’s working from the ego, If they come in and they say that they’re healing you, that’s not someone you probably wanna work with. It’s gonna be a better opportunity if the person understands that they’re bridging it, you have all the answers within you. So I’m just bridging it so that the soul and god and source and the higher source of the person is who is giving them the minute those answers, if that makes sense.

Bert Martinez: No. I like that. To me, that makes total sense. I think that one of the challenges, again, that a lot of us have is we wanna give power to somebody else. 

So I’m glad that you brought up the point that if somebody’s going to heal you, that it’s probably somebody who should run away because we do have this ability to heal ourselves. We do have this ability to manifest.

But most of us have either been, what do you call it, robbed of those ideas. Right? We have been programmed that it’s it’s that that it’s not inside, but it’s out there. Our happiness is out there. You know, our success is out there. Somebody else is gonna help me to be happy, but it’s all inside. And so this idea that, you’re gonna act like a facilitator and help somebody bridge those ideas. I love that because that ultimately gives them the power to do whatever they want.

Diane Leilani Cline:  And we still need that other person that coached somebody who has walked somebody who’s, I call it out of the matrix or out of the maze because with a teacher and a method, all is all is possible. You know, can you sit in your living room quietly for, you know, weeks on end and get an answer, maybe. But it’s gonna be a lot faster if you have a teacher and a method that can get you to the answers that are within you.

And that’s why I use a couple different methods because sometimes the same thing with the week-long treats is We’re doing yoga. We’re doing meditation. We’re doing sound healing. We’re doing sacred ceremonies on land. And For some people, it might be during the sound healing that they get the answer. I had a lady last month, and the answer was don’t sell your house. And that wasn’t even what she thought her conscious question was. So, different topics for a different time, but what we’re doing is with that, like, delving into the quantum field, which allows people to literally be getting whatever whatever answer is that they need. So sometimes the answer comes before the question.

Bert Martinez: But it goes back to what you said, we have the answer within us. Right? And by having a coach or a facilitator, a guide, whatever phrase you wanna use, help you cut through all that. And in some cases, just get yourself out of your own way. I think you know, the biggest challenge is that we complicate things. 

We, over a period of time, maybe we lose trust in ourselves. We get these feelings and then we automatically get a negative feeling like, well, who am I? To do this, or if that was such a good idea, somebody else would have already done it, or whatever. You know, I think one of the big negative beliefs that that damages a lot of people, is, this misquoted, misquoted, reference in the Bible that that money, is it? What is it, of money? That money is the root of all evil. And so it’s misquoted. It’s not that money is the root of all evil. It’s that the love of money is the root of all evil. Right?

What you had mentioned earlier, the ego, when the ego gets so wrapped up that money is all you care about, that we see time and time again, corporations and even people where they love the money so much that they hurt other people. They cut corners. Spouses that end up killing a spouse or are doing some terrible thing because they want the money over anything. And so that, you know, again, but a lot of people get hung up on money. I wanna have the life of my dreams. I wanna be secure, but rich people are bad. So there’s this constant conflict. I don’t know if you ever deal with that.

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Diane Leilani Cline: Well, again, different topic for a different day, but money is just a form of energy. So everything is just energy. And then, I have a large background in real estate and through the 2008 crash. I got to have a direct knowing this experience that money is only energy, and that was through you know, the the lender sheet where you just say like, oh, you’re worth 5 million and you only owe 1 million and then by 8, it was like, oh, you’re worth 1 million and you owe 1 million. 

So I’m like, okay. We’re back to the beginning, but actually, I’m like, I still live the life by 1. I live where I want. I do what I want. I travel when I want. I mean, I wasn’t having large trips then, but I I have all the food and the friends and the love that I need. And, you know, if I want more money, I’ll go get it. So it’s an understanding. 

And, again, that’s a whole workshop that money is just a form of energy.

And money is like ego.

Having a lot of ego is not bad. Having a lot of money is not bad. It’s what we do with it. I mean, there are so many people, you know, myself, I’ve spent 9 months serving yoga, pro bono, yoga and schools, 2006, getting yoga to 4000 children in Phoenix schools. 

And so this generosity with time, a generosity with money, a generosity with your gifts. So, it’s all it’s like anything. It’s all what you do with it. 

You can have, one of my motivating factors for having more money and living the life of my dreams is I can be as generous as I want, and I love to be wildly generous. And all these ways with money and time. And for me, that is part of living the life of my dream.

It doesn’t matter. It’s not limited like oh, I can only donate to help now in this month. You know what I mean? I still have all my regular foundations. I still have everything else. I’m working on it. Okay. Here’s another way because it’s all just the flow, this flow of energy.

Bert Martinez: Alright. So let’s talk about this. Since you brought up, you were a heavy real estate during 2008 whatever it was,  between 2008 and 2010. We had that wonderful real estate correction. And, and I remember you telling me a story that if you correct me, you may have to edit for correction, but I believe you were getting ready to hit the surf. You were in your car getting ready to go surfing or something, and you got maybe a if I remember correctly, I stressing phone call or whatever, and you decided, you know what? My priority right now is to go surfing. But a lot of people during that same period of time, really had it rough. 

And so my question to you is, how do you separate the fear when you see these, you know, financial conditions, radical financial condition change or, you know, some people who lose everything, but yet you don’t lose that mindset or you don’t lose that flow or you don’t you know, you don’t completely crash. What are the steps for that? What’s your take?

Diane Leilani Cline: Well, the big umbrella would be energy doesn’t lie. So in that particular, again, long time, Yogi, I’ve had a daily meditation for 17 years, 27 years of practice. As A former workaholic, I have pushed the river many times.

It takes so much energy to push the river, and it doesn’t even work. So what are the sayings or mantras that came up with this Okay. What game are we playing now? So I couldn’t change the fact of what was going on with the Phoenix Real Estate market in the year 2008. I did have that enlightenment through hiking that the story I just told about, gosh, these are just numbers on a piece of paper. 

And I moved to Hawaii in 08. So at that point, I’d probably been living there 3 or 5 months. Started surfing. I love surfing. I’m an avid surfer. I’m a surf addict, and it’s its energy. What I love about it is the energy of the waves. 

So while I was sitting in the parking lot looking at the surf and getting that disturbing phone call, I was able to make the kind of quantum leap that it was, like, the energy of owning a lot of homes and owning a lot of stuff and, or or trying to change what was going on because that was something that was that was changing going on in the collective is I decided to focus on the energy I did wanna be involved with, which was surfing waves.

So I was just talking to that person on the phone, and I said, I’d asked them to get their supervisor and then I said, never mind. And I hung up the phone and I went surfing and I said, okay. So I’m used to valuing things with money. Right? You buy 1 in this one house. You make $50,000. I’m gonna make the next house. I’m gonna make $100,000. Because that was like an energy that society had presented to me that I was living within that kind of language. Right? And I said, I’m gonna start to value my serve session at $500 a session. So there was a number. And I mean, some of them are worth $10,000 for sure. And if Laird happens to be out there at the same time, then that’s definitely like a $50,000 session just to be in that high vibration. 

So if we can shift the way, I love to get people in new pairs of glasses to shift the way that we look at energy. And I just have to say something as a footnote. I went through that whole thing. I had 20 homes. I never I never had to file bankruptcy. Never had to file bankruptcy. So I was able to manage that with ease and grace and then also, putting my energy. That’s when I started. I was unemployed full time. That’s how I started serving yoga, teaching yoga to a thousand people a year teaching sound healing to a thousand people a year. So my energy just totally went into teaching others, uplifting others, uplifting humanity, and this new incredible dynamic sport that I just, you know, was like a little kid. Like, you’re like a five year old. You just can’t wait to get out there.

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Bert Martinez: I love that idea of putting a price on your surf session, right, that’s that, hey. This is a minimum, a minimum of $500 activity. And I’m gonna have fun with this. Right? And so like you said, sometimes you think it’s gonna be a $500 surf session. Turns out to be a $10,000 surf session or or or higher. And I think that’s just a great way of valuing our time because like you said, this is a paradigm that we are taught from a very early age to value our time. One of the best ways to do that is with money. Are you making 300 bucks an hour, 500 bucks an hour, 10000 bucks an hour, whatever? And I just love the idea of, hey, my workout, my search session, my meditation, my time with friends is worth x amount of dollars. Let me focus. Let me enjoy this as deeply as possible because we’re all limited on time.

Diane Leilani Cline: Yeah. And it helps, I think, as a translation. So what are you gonna, value your I didn’t know you have a daily morning workout and you do all the art in and those superhero things. So what do you value your daily workout as?

Bert Martinez: Well, I like the idea of I think my daily workouts are probably in the neighborhood of, I would say, between 500 and a 1000 as well. And and and to your point, every now and then, you get such a good workout that it’s almost priceless. I mean, you know, I remember sometimes getting a great workout. And when I and and to me, a great workout is when you leave, you leave nothing, And you can’t you’re completely yeah. You leave everything on the floor. You’re com you’re you’re you’re drenched. You’re exhausted, spiritually, physically, mentally. And you can barely, you barely have enough energy to make it out to the car. I’ve left the gym many times, nauseous, And, you know, the same thing with, some of our Spartan training that we’ve done, you you you’re you’re exquisitely exhausted And that’s a $10,000 workout. I just don’t know how else to say it. It’s a weird thing, but I love that idea.

Diane Leilani Cline: It isn’t fun to, like, give a dollar number to it? And then it’s, of course, it’s different each day and Yeah. And then 2, for people that maybe don’t have a lot of physical exercise, but they’re trying to get motivated for that. Maybe they could start plugging in a dollar amount for the way that they feel after, right, because it’s really the feeling not even during, but the way that feels after where you’re just at that high vibe. 

There is one other thing I wanna mention, and this is such a great quote and it’s it’s, make sure that your possessions aren’t possessing you.

So as we’re talking about value share, that is actually a Native American wisdom piece. Making sure that your possessions aren’t possessing you. 

So we do live in a society, where people like to collect things or maybe more, more, more. And, of course, yes. We need a house to live in, and you can have as many houses and as many cars as you like. But just helping people to get to a choice point of sometimes what they think they want and what they really want are 2 different things.

And especially as creatives like you and I are many different businesses and all these different business ideas that come and And, I’ve had to stop myself over the years because then I have a business idea that comes and it’s like, oh, and then if I were to actually implement that. I’d be off and running. And then that’s another, whatever it is, 2, 3, 4 year program. And the question is, do I really want to invest? Is that really the direction that I wanna go? And I do have a specific example with that.

So I had a client Susan who, you know, she had done my koi retreat and most people that come whether koi, big islander, anywhere, they then wanna buy a property there. And she wanted to buy 4 acres of land on Kauai. And this is a dream for many. I mean, it’s lush. It’s green. You can grow the fantasy of growing the oranges in the avocado and the star fruit and, and that’s a beautiful idea.

But the reality is Taking care of four acres of land on Kauai is beyond a full time job with a full time team and there’s not gonna be a lot of time for anything else. And, she’s also a, in the spiritual arts and a beautiful coach. And I thought, you know, when we’re not assisting others and helping humanity, we like to be receiving from other teachers, you know, we would go to sessions or receive sound healing or, you know, even once a day, I said, Susan, you realize if you get that land, you’ll never have a social life. You’re not gonna be able to go to any of these other events that you enjoy because this is gonna be all consuming your time. She listened and she ended up buying a beautiful condo instead.Beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. Gonna have a property management. She gets to expand her life in the juicy playful way that she likes. So she has the dream, but she has it in a way that it didn’t take her off on this big tangent where now she was caretaking 4 acres. So we have to really and that’s one of the things that good coaches do is they kind of stop and say, yeah. I hear you. But is this really what you want? Right?

So we have to have that beautiful loving mirror and someone brave enough to say, is that, you know, is that really what you want? Because there’s a price point.

Bert Martinez: Right. And back to what you’re saying, sometimes we got to get our ego in check. Right? Because our ego is, hey, I want I I could, you know, especially Suzanne sounds like a creative as well, entrepreneurial as well. Let’s grab 4 acres. We’ll do that. But like you said, That’s great. 

There’s nothing wrong with that dream. There’s nothing wrong with that project. A lot of people come to Hawaii and they wanna do that. But is that really what you want because it’s gonna take so much time and effort and construction never goes on time. And now you’re, like, you’re managing 4 acres. You’re right. That is a full time job. Even if you have a full team to help you out, you still got to deal with phone calls and mishaps and all the jump that goes with it. 

Again, not that it’s bad, but is it truly what you want? And in this case, she decided, no, it’s not truly what I want. What I want is x. How can I get there without the 4 acres? Hey, this is a step here. Do this instead. And I think, again, there’s a lot of value in having a coach or a mentor or a guide that can help you, you know, and obviously you were in tune. You heard something and it’s like, is that really what you want?

Let me ask you this. Vibration is a big thing in what we do in life. I want you to explain what vibration is And how do we maintain a high vibration? If you can explain what vibration is, what are some of the ways that we can maintain a high vibration?

Diane Leilani Cline: So the easiest way to describe vibration is through contrast. 

So, let’s say something happens and it’s a disturbing event and, something Whether it’s small, it’s with the workplace, and you can identify your own vibration by the way that you’re reacting. So, or by the way that you’re not reacting and by a consciousness of what’s going on. 

So if I can, I’ll share a short story. So back to the surf break. And, again, you know, we’re all on the path and we’re all evolving and Rome wasn’t built in one day. So with our practice, we’re able to see over time how we’re able to react or not react or truly understand what’s going on. So someone yells at me on the circuit break. Now if that had been 5 years prior, it would have really upset me because I’m I’m I’m a people pleaser and I’m, you know, sensitive and I wanna make sure everyone is happy and lovely around me. So 5 years ago would have bothered me for 2 or 3 days. That day not only it only bothered me for about 15 minutes, and I was able to recognize exactly what it was about. Because I had a conversation with that lady the day prior. I had actually invited her to one of my retreats. She said I’m getting a divorce, da da da da. I said you might wanna do a big eye on her treat next month. And that next day, it was unnecessary what she had done. 

You know, we run that and it’s like and just like in your face. And I was able to recognize because it’s obviously not about the way it was very small. It was like knee high. So it’s not anything you would squabble over. That was really her higher self telling me I am not ready for that retreat. That was, like, the push off based on the conversation for the day prior So one of the things with tracking energy is it becomes really fun because when you can say, hey. I know what that is about. That was about the fact that she was clearly telling me she didn’t wanna do that. So vibration, you know, again, when we think of things at a scale, colors are vibration. 

Yellow vibrates at 720,000 hertz per second. We know how colors make us feel certain day ways, Larry, I wanna wear that yellow shirt. We know how music makes us feel. Maybe as kids, we used to love led Zeppelin, and now we prefer the heart. There’s a difference in vibration there. We can feel it when we’re around certain people. So, again, in basic terms, we could think of, like, a low vibration would be somebody that’s stealing or or hurting others. Right? A higher vibration would be somebody that’s spending their life in, generosity and love and serving others. So we can see by someone’s actions and their words where they are vibrating. The second part was how do we raise our vibration?

Yeah. So I have 3 favorite modalities, sound healing. So I just love My passion for sound healing. I teach. I not only give the crystal balls and the gallant sound healing, but I teach other teachers how to become sound healers. And the thing with the sound current is within 60 seconds or less, it changes all of our systems, the nervous system, the hormonal system, the immune system. So it’s just automatic. 

You know, when we’re trying to shift something, we can walk. We can drive the car. Or you can take the jet plane and sound healing, especially with the crystal balls, are just the way to take the jet plane into just create that immediate shift. I have many clients that even if they just adopt the one goal and they put it by their bed, and that’s the first thing they play in the morning, it takes less than 60 seconds. It’s the last thing they do at night. Takes less than 60 seconds, and you can shift that vibration immediately. 

And, of course, you could do that with I do have an MP3 of the crystals. Another way, yoga and meditation and your daily meditation. And then this is the key takeaway kind of like, if you wanted to be an NFL Football player, would you swim one day and play tennis one day and do fast the next day and then do one day of football? No. Football football, football, football, every day. It’s the same with meditation. 

And now we have a lot of people that are meditating every day, but then the next level of that is when you do the same meditation. With the kundalini yoga and meditations, we have specific meditations, meditations for releasing anxiety, meditations for releasing fresh situations. So doing that same specific meditation every day is raising your vibration because If a person is in a scenario where they’re having anxiety, they’re number 1, not gonna remember to sit down and do that meditation, or number 2, they probably can’t get themselves to sit down and do that meditation. So the answer is you raise your vibration to avoid and to not sink into that bandwidth of anxiety because you’ve already done the homework. Of you, you know, it’s like if somebody can’t pick up their grandchildren, it’s because they haven’t been working out their arms at the gym. Right? But if they go to the gym every day, and they’re working their arms every day, then when the moment comes to pick up the grandkids, they’re able to pick them up. So it’s the same with meditation and specific meditations for holding our vibration at that level that it’s not going to sink down. Does that make sense?

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Bert Martinez: Yes. I love that idea. And, you know, one of the things since I’ve gotten to know you and you and I’ve talked about this, several times, and and I’m hoping that you guys in the audience are picking up on Diane’s vibration. She’s obviously at a high vibration. She’s got this very powerful smile. And I think because of your high vibration and where you’re at, you and I have talked about this. You’re you, you literally attract clients from the air. Right? I mean, you were in Sedona. You’re sitting down, having a, I think, was it a salad? And all of a sudden some guy walks up to you and starts talking to you and and and asks you specifically, hey, are you by chance a coach? And just out of nowhere, and this guy became your client. So this high vibration that you and I are talking about and that you exhibit so well is fundamental for life for living the life of your dreams. Right?

Diane Leilani Cline: Absolutely. And, you know, just the obvious things too. I I went to kind of the quantum of the words we speak. You know, if someone is swearing or even saying the self-talk is, oh, I  feel old or I’m so old. Like, I won’t even you know, I could care about people in their 50 saying that. I’m like, I don’t even wanna be in their fields. I don’t have I don’t even understand that reality. I’m, like, getting younger every hour and doing yoga for you. So the words will show you the vibration of where the people are. It’s interesting too because, if you mentioned to someone like, oh, why would you say that? And whether they’re receptive to changing their words, or they just really wanna anchor it in that, no. No. I am getting older. Everything aches and and this aches and that aches and they, like, wanna go down a dark path. You know, the options are either, you know, come to a retreat and we can reverse the brainwashing and You can live the life of your dreams with a healthy body, be where you want, with who you want, when you want. What more did you ask for?

Bert Martinez: Exactly. I love that. Yeah. Absolutely. And I think that, again, this is one of those things that the faster you understand the importance of vibration the better or the faster you’ll change, some of your self talk, some of your limiting beliefs, you’ll start to examine your low vibration moments with your high vibration moments. And you can clearly see the difference. It’s picking up self talk. 

I wanna ask you this. Do you have a specific mantra or self-talk that helps you with your success?

Diane Leilani Cline: Well, it’s impossible to choose 1. So I’d like to choose 3. 1, I just have one daughter and I literally tell her. And I thought, let me do this experiment. What’ll happen if you tell somebody every day, they’re like, you deserve the best. You deserve the best. So that’s a really great, great mantra. And I think that’s a very, very high vibration So to be treated the best, to be and, you know, that’s not so much talking about material things, but it encompasses everything. Right? So it’s a lifestyle you deserve best. Meditate and be great. I mean, just And for me, the meditation is key and I probably do 3 different meditations a day. Meditation is great. And Yogi Budging has a beautiful one that is so profound. Befriend your soul and dwell in God. And if somebody is opposed to the word God, befriend your soul and dwell in good. Befriend your soul and dwell in good.

Bert Martinez: I love that. Befriend your soul. I love that so much. Yeah. Dwell and good or dwell in God. But I love the idea of befriending our souls because a lot of the self-talk for most people and I’ll even, I’ll have to, you know, to be transparent. Sometimes I work on myself. I have to work on my own self-talk, but self talk is one of those things that we’re constantly communicating with ourselves. Most self talk is, I would say, low to medium vibration. It’s not this high vibration where you’re saying, hey, believe in yourself, you deserve good things. So you deserve the life of your dreams. I I think, again, most of us fear saying those things. We’re afraid of failure. We’re afraid of what other people may think, and we and the faster that we can get over that, the more fulfilling our life is gonna be, more successful, more abundant, whatever you wanna call it, but ultimately more fulfilling our life is gonna be. 

And I think the reason is that most people don’t experience this until their late thirties or early forties, it takes that long. For us to reprogram what we were programmed with from childhood on through elementary and high school and all that other stuff. It just takes years to turn that thing around.

Diane Leilani Cline: Well, and not only that, the person has to be willing to do the work, and not everybody is willing to do the work. So and that’s why the retreats, the 6 day courses, the 6 day courses are really I’ve had people say I went farther with you in 6 days than I did 6 years with my therapist. So when we come into immersion and you decide to work on yourself, and have this whole lifestyle of, yes, I’m doing yoga, meditation, affirmation, sound healing, every day, like, you know, 10 or 11 hours a day, then you can make that the truth. 

It’s like jumping train tracks, or it’s like literally the caterpillar becoming the butterfly is morphing into another species And with the light that’s coming through on the planet and has been coming through in the past couple of years, it is possible for people to get that kind of more rapid change within a 6 month or 1 year period. 

And so many more people are saying yes. And saying, I wanna work for myself. I’m willing to change. I see, you know, I wanna step out of my limiting beliefs. And taking responsibility for themselves, which is the key to to move forward because, you know, it’s your movie. 

You’re the actor. You’re the writer. The director. It’s your movie.

It’s you. It’s all about you and getting clear when we can get clear. On what we want and then that whole subconscious part of, you know, believing that you deserve it you know, what is it that I deserve? I deserve the best, but those are little literary frequencies. 

So The level that I work at is a quantum level. So it’s never just affirmations. You know, the kundalini yoga is using energetics. It’s using breath work and self hypnosis. Even that little bit befriends your soul and dwells in God, grief friends your soul and dwells in God. When we have these frequencies, we might do that in class for 7 or 11 minutes. So it’s like self hypnosis. So that’s how we get out of the old self hypnosis of the I’m not good enough to change tracks to come into the butterfly. So it does. It takes time, energy, and effort.

Bert Martinez: Like everything else. Yeah, whether you’re going to have the life of your dreams or you’re gonna have an average life, all of those take time, energy, right, that there’s no shortcut. It’s okay. So you mentioned retreats a couple of times. Talk about this. I know you have some retreats coming up. Talk about the retreats that are coming up because I think it’s 2 or 3 or 4 of them coming up in the next little bit. Talk about them.

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Diane Leilani Cline:  I am based on Kauai most of the time the first one coming up is September 16th through the 23rd North Shore of Kauai and then we’ll have a fantastic Sedona Arizona Po in Vortex is there November 11th through the 15th that one’s just four nights five days and then January 13th will be the big island Kona side and Madame Pele introduction to Madame Pele and then later in the year we’ll have Bali and then I also do Retreats for companies for team building for companies and private Retreats I’ve had a couple husband wives or not that you need to be married or just private retreat mother-daughter family um you know and that can be also in your area. 

Bert Martinez: I love it. I love it. And so, are all here to retreat 6-7 days, or you had some that are shorter? Talk about the different levels there.

Diane Leilani Cline: Well, usually, if somebody’s gonna fly over to Hawaii, it is kind of even though it’s a 6 hour flight by the time you drive it there, record and everything. It’s kind of a 9 or 10 hour bookie to get over to Big Island or Hawaii. So most people wanna spend 5 nights. So those are 5 night, 6 days. And, the Arizona ones, Sedona, Arizona are actually just 4 nights. And then it’s easy to do, you know, Phoenix LA, those can be 2 and 3 day immersions if it’s a West Coast city.

Bert Martinez: Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. And I love this idea of immersion because, really, you kinda need to do that. You know, again, as you mentioned,  we have years and years of programming that are built up. And so to take 3, 5, 6 days, to work on that is really a short amount of time, especially if you have several moments and you’re able to get rid of limiting beliefs. Just getting rid of 1 limiting belief to me is priceless. Now you’re talking you know, it’s a priceless event because you were able to, you know, maybe forgive a user, you were able to move on from a loss of, loss of love. Again, get rid of a limiting belief that those things become priceless.

Diane Leilani Cline: Absolutely. And I have seen a specific one because I’ve given 116 retreats in 10 years, so I’ve been frank. And specifically, I will say in the past 3 to 4 months, the big theme for a lot of people is who am I now? 

Whether they got out of a relationship or they wanna make a career change. So there’s a lot of people just ready to birth themselves into that butterfly and to get that clarity. And it’s like an onion. It’s like the opening up of an onion. 

And, they usually have somewhat of an idea, the direction that they wanna go into. And so we bridge it with them with also some very real grounded common sense 3 d. Like, I just had a guy at Sedona retreat last week that he’s like, well, I don’t wanna in Seattle anymore. But I don’t know where to go. And I’m like, well, we did a private session. I said, where do you wanna go? I go, you must have it narrowed down to 2 places. He’s like, yeah, either Denver or whitefish, Montana. And I’m like, okay. Well, then the next step is, you know, obviously, it would be job related. 

He’s still in his 40’s. So I’m like, find out if you can get a job in either of those cities and then physically go to the cities. And when you’re in the cities because of your vibration, and the vibration of the city. Like, when I ended up, I lived a couple months of the year in Sedona, and I literally would have the checkout cashier at the grocery store saying oh, you live in Sedona now and people started telling me that I live here. So for him, I said, you know, go test it and you’ll know, like, you’ll have 5 different apartments to look at, or there’ll be nothing to look out for. And people will say as you’re talking to people and meeting people, they’ll either say, like, gosh. Yeah. We thought you were local. So through being in that experience he’s like, oh, I didn’t even because people try to figure they’re trying to figure things out in their head and the answer’s not in here because it’s just the same program playing over. Don’t So you gotta get out, try it, get in the direction, and I love giving people really grounded common sense direction based on what their goals are and after the fact they go, oh, yeah. I didn’t even think of that.

Bert Martinez: I love it. I love Alright. So let me ask you this because we’re wrapping up here. If you had a book, to recommend what book would it be and why?

Diane Leilani Cline: It’s got to be money does grow on trees by Esra Banguoglu. She’s also a long time kundalini yoga teacher and a very, very famous life coach. Her and her husband pay, like, $10,000 for their life coaching course, but she goes through. So the book becomes a little bit like a workbook where it’s asking you She gives her own potent stories and it’s asking you where to identify where you have limiting beliefs and so that you can move through them. So it’s this beautiful workbook. It also incorporates some of the kundalini yoga and breathwork and people have profound experiences with it. And just as a little footnote, she actually was getting 3 private sessions a week with me in Hawaii in order to birth that book, but it’s very entertaining too. So it’s a great read, and people really feel a shift after it.

Bert Martinez: Yeah. I love that. Yeah. And, again, I think that’s a great recommendation. I’ll check it out because for most of us, money is one of those things that hangs us up quite a bit. So I love that. Alright. Any last parting words of advice?

Diane Leilani Cline: Set yourself free.

Bert Martinez: I love it. I believe. Alright. So, If somebody wants to reach out to you, find out more about retreats, maybe they want a private session, maybe they wanna ask you to speak at an event, what’s the best website to find out more about Diane Cline.

Diane Leilani Cline: Yeah. Happy to help. It’s yoga with an s at the end, and Instagram is empowerment retreats.

Bert Martinez: Awesome. I will put all of those items or all those links here on the show notes. You guys can check them out. Diane Cline. It’s been a blast having you on. And, looking forward to having you back again.

Diane Leilani Cline: Bert, thank you so much. Have a great day. See you soon.



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