Making Use of the Facilities: Combining Business With Fitness


If you are regularly away on business it can be difficult to maintain a regular fitness regime and skipping your usual workout can quickly become a habit.

A good way to avoid that scenario and to keep in shape would be to choose a hotel that offers fitness training facilities and work out your schedule before you go to allow for some gym time.

Here are some practical tips on ways to stay in shape by combining business with fitness, including how to simplify your workout if you don’t have a lot of spare time, why packing a pair of sneakers is a good idea, plus some sensible suggestions on your approach to keeping in shape while working way.

Keep it simple

If you are a regular at your local gym when you are at home you probably have a fairly elaborate and lengthy routine that you have worked up, but you might not have the luxury of so much gym time while you are away on business.

You can find hotels like the JW Marriott Washington, DC that cater for business travelers with all the facilities they need, including a well-presented gym or other fitness options, but you still might not be able to juggle your schedule around to spend as much time on your workout as you would like.

A good tactic would be to find some simple but effective exercises that help you get the benefit of a full workout in less time than normal.

If you can design a workout that consists of a push exercise, a push exercise, and also at least one leg and core exercise, you should be able to cover all the major bases.

A few squats, push-ups, lunges and other simple workout routines can test your body sufficiently to say that you have tested it, so consider putting together a simplified version of a workout that you can use when you are away.

Don’t forget the sneakers

You can get a lot done if you remember to pack a pair of sneakers in your suitcase.

Set the alarm a bit earlier than you need and you can be out the door in no time and take in the fresh morning air while waking yourself up with a good cardio workout as you run or walk the local area.

You should be able to find a pair of lightweight sneakers that don’t take up as much space and weight allowance as your normal workout shoes, and they will good enough to keep you comfortable and protected while you burn some calories pounding the streets.

Don’t sweat it

The reality is that it is hard to stick to your usual fitness program while you are away, but there is no need to beat yourself up about it if you can get some exercise.

If you can manage to achieve even a quick ten-minute workout to get the blood pumping and drink plenty of water, as well as stick to your usual number and size of meals, your body should be in the same shape when you get back home and into your usual routine.

Combining a bit of fitness with the main agenda of business while you are away is not that challenging if you use a few simple strategies to burn the calories.


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