Men’s Fashion on a Budget

Some people think you can’t dress well if you don’t have thousands of dollars of expendable income. Nothing could be further from the truth! Being hip and stylish in men’s fashion has a lot more to do with your taste than it does your wallet. While you’re going to be dropping a few dollars on your sleek new wardrobe, don’t resign yourself to ramen for the rest of the month — dressing like a king on a pauper’s budget is easier than ever today.

Shop Online

The internet is a goldmine for inexpensive, stylish men’s clothing. Some more well known stores offer deals exclusively online, which is great to keep an eye out for. What’s more, a lot of people no longer both taking their used clothing to consignment stores or thrift stores — they sell them on their own through the internet. Sites like Etsy offer a wide range of men’s clothing and accessories, often for an excellent price.

Know Your Measurements

If spending a ton of money isn’t the shortcut you can take to dressing well, you have to take a different tact. One of the most important things for shopping for inexpensive, high quality clothing is knowing your measurements. Shopping online is a great way to save, but the main drawback is you can’t try on the article of clothing you’re purchasing. If you know your measurements, you’re going to get much better at spotting clothes which will fit you without ever having to try them on.

Find an Alterations Tailor

Sometimes, that absolutely perfect piece of clothing doesn’t quite fit. This is a problem you’re going to run into frequently in secondhand stores — it comes close to fitting, but isn’t quite right. The solution is having an alterations tailor. Minor (and even sometimes more major) alterations can be made to your garment so it fits you like a glove.

If you buy a piece of clothing for cheap, be prepared for the cost of alterations to be higher than the original garment. Of course, you want to be sure you’re not being ripped off — find the right alterations tailor and you’ll find it affordable to have nice, well-fitting clothes.


A plain button down with brown pants can be a little boring and drab on its own. Add handmade ties and suddenly you’re in your party clothes. Accessories can sometimes be pricey, but the beauty of them is they can be used with multiple outfits. A tired outfit can be made new again with the right accessory.

Be Creative

Being a fashionable gentlemen while counting your dollars requires ingenuity, taste, and careful thought. Be creative and imaginative with your fashion choices, and don’t be afraid to take chances. Dressing well is fun, and it doesn’t have to leave you broke.


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