Menstrual Cups – Health and Convenience Benefits Unveiled

Menstrual cups are an eco-friendly substitute to the typical feminine hygiene product such as liners, pads, and tampons created from flexible materials. It is put inside the vagina at the time of menstruation for catching the blood.  It got its name in the manner in which it gathers blood. Instead of getting absorbed in the product as in the case of pads and tampons, the blood will pool inside the cup and collect until you remove the cup and empty. As opposed to pads and tampons, cups are reusable. These cups are commonly used owing to its different perks. Such perks include environmental, cost, health and convenience.

Health Benefits

Menstrual cups are available in different types such as small menstrual cup to big. Take a look at some of its health benefits,

  • Not Harmful- As other forms of feminine hygienic products these cups have no harmful substances such as adhesives, fragrances, BPA or chlorine.
  • Shock-free– Cups, unlike tampons, is not related to TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).
  • No Dryness- As these cups will gather blood instead of absorbing it there will be no dryness down there.
  • Fix Health Issues- With cups there is no issue of menstrual cramping. Most women stated that they had not experienced any vaginal itching, infections, and dryness.
  • Hypoallergenic- These cups will never trigger allergies such as latex allergies, dermatitis, and sensitive skin.
  • Odor Free- The best part about menstrual cups is that it will prevent bad odor from occurring.

Convenience Benefits

Take a look at the different convenience benefits of using a menstrual cup,

  • Longer Wear- These cups can be used 2-3 times more compared to a tampon. It means such cups are ideal for use overnight or when there is no access to the bathroom.
  • Travel Light- These cups are ideal for road trips and holidays as there is no tension about purchasing or disposing of the cup. If you enjoy traveling, camping or hiking, the menstrual cup must be a feminine hygiene item of choice.
  • Absorb More- These cups can hold about an ounce of blood which is 5 times more liquid compared to what can be held by a tampon. Women having a heavy blood flow will rejoice.
  • No Strings Attached- Menstrual cups have no wings or strings making it an ideal menstrual product for females that lead a physically active lifestyle. Be it yoga, swimming or running women can enjoy all this comfortably.
  • Concentrate on Your Work- These cups will enable you to pay attention to your job. If you are a firefighter or deployed, you will not require packing tampons and pads, but a single cup can help.

Along with convenience and health benefits, these cups also offer cost benefits. While maximum women consider pads and tampons as an essential monthly expense but purchasing them can be a key struggle in the case of low-income households. The menstrual cup is a single time purchase which will save you big in the future. So, skip the pad and tampon and switch to menstrual cups.


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