Network Marketing Expert Releases Book to Help Others Achieve Success

All businesses have targets and KPIs they want to aim for, but with so many techniques to try, it’s hard to know what to choose, and gain the desired effect. Some business owners are now turning to untouched methods such as network marketing to help their business grow.

Network Marketing Training

Businesses who want to thrive are turning to trainers in network marketing like Toni Vans from couple team Toni and Jay. They have gained their own success through network marketing and are ensuring they offer other businesses the chance to do the same. With their help, businesses have been able to surpass predicted sales goals, provide exceptional customer service and build strong relationships with clients and potential prospects in their industry.

Bringing in over 1 billion dollars of sales of year, Toni Vascshoyck’s personal success is an example for other marketers everywhere. Toni and her partner Jay both sit on advisory boards with the goal to help startups, entrepreneurs and share their story of personal success. Toni’s soon to be released book “So Effing Simple” is a guide to walking any business through their success stories, leadership strategies and network marketing specifics.

Seen as experts in network marketing, they are helping individuals and teams with coaching. One of Jay and Toni’s clients, Amy Lazare said “Tony and Jay taught me to strive for better and showed me a path to follow my own success. Their faith, hope and abundance is extraordinary and such a gift. Toni taught me to dream bigger than I ever thought was possible. I see the light and it just keeps getting brighter. Toni is the beacon. She is bigger than life as my friend, my mentor, and my business partner.”

With proven personal success in network marketing, their expertise can be called upon via their services or through Toni’s book “So Effing Simple”.

Connections & Social Media Is the Key

Toni and Jay rave about the importance of social media in a marketing plan. What started as an entertainment tool, has now evolved into a powerful marketing technique. Businesses are adopting the use of social media marketing to promote products, make connections with potential clients and converse with their existing audience to offer support or engage with them.

Business to community talks about how using social media should be a big part of a main marketing strategy. Having a social media presence is paramount for creativity authority in an industry and creating trust in a brand too. But it’s not just about building trust in your business, companies need to be breaking barriers when conversing with their audience. People have busy lives and they want brands to be accessible at the touch of a button. After all, not everyone has the time to pick up the phone and call to give feedback, ask a question or address issues with an order. Competition is fierce, so businesses need to step up and retain their customers any way they can, and being more accessible via social media is crucially important.

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